Dude Ranchers’ Association (866) 399-2339 Dude ranches are the origi-

nal Western vacation. The first ranchers introduced the unique beauty of the American west to guests from all over the world. This happened in the best way possible: from the back of a horse.

These horseback adventures

were surrounded by honest and real western hospitality, one these dude ranch pioneers considered a part of the “code of the west” that is embodied by the Dude Ranchers’ Association. With 95+ unique ranches in the association, also known as the “DRA”, it will have the one your family has been dreaming of. From trail rides in the moun- tains to adventures in the desert, let the DRA know what’s most important to you, They will help you choose a ranch vacation that will keep you coming back. See ad on page 25.

Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch Winston, New Mexico

(575) 772-5157

Serenity and solitude are con-

cepts not oſten discussed, much less experienced, amid the tur- moil of life in these early years of the 21st century. You’ll find them at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch. Here, beneath the tall pon-

derosa pines in the cool higher elevations of the Black Range Mountains of southwest New Mexico, the quiet is such that you can hear the approach of an eagle from the beat of the air beneath his wings. Large herds of elk frequent the meadows, streams and lakes nearby. Eighty-five miles from the

nearest stoplight, evidence of the intrusion of modern man is virtually absent. Yet the moun- tains and canyons evoke the heritage of the American cowboy and abound with relics of Native American societies who have gone before us. Aſter a few days at the ranch, guests lose track of the date. Then they find they don’t care anymore. As has oſten been observed, it is hard to have

Horseback Vacations For the ride of your life

Triangle X Ride Tetons, Dude Ranchers’ Association

Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch

a bad day on the back of a good horse. By horseback you will explore

the pristine, 3.3 million-acre Gila National Forest with its landscape of spectacular deep canyons, crystal clear spring fed streams, high mountain over- looks, open meadows and sweet smelling Ponderosa forests. Open March through mid-No- vember. See ad on page 23.

Hondoo Rivers & Trails

Hondoo Rivers & Trails Torrey, Utah

(435) 425-3519

Since 1975, owners and guides

Pat Kearney and Gary George have taken great pride in their tradition of providing personal- ized service for those interested in exploring the backcountry of Utah’s “Land of the Sleeping Rainbow”. The best Utah horse- back riding vacations are here.

Headquartered in the

Fremont River valley at Torrey, Utah, near Capitol Reef National Park, Hondoo offers a full sched- ule of horseback riding, hiking and jeep tours featuring camping or inn lodging. Options include day and multi-day trips that allow you to travel by horse, foot or 4x4 vehicle. Pat and Gary implement low impact and “Leave No Trace” techniques such

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