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Parish Councils

Crime reports

services are reviewed. Parking Leers had been received from a resident of Culpeper Close and another of Hadley Gardens about inconsiderate parking at the entrance to Culpeper Close and a request for double yellow lines. Parish councillorswere in favour but a traffic regulation order would cost £3,000 and be subject to public consultation. The clerk would write to the school to ask parents to park more sensibly and the PCSOs would be asked to patrol more often. Speed limit County Cllr Jenny While requested that parish councillors decide where in the village they would like a 20mph limit. This will be progressed by KCC. Mud Complaints had been received regarding the quagmire of leaves and mud at the entrance to the old goods yard at the station. Pedestrians, including schoolchildren, had towalk in the road and put themselves at risk of being hit by a vehicle to avoid slipping over. This problem had now been aended to. Fete The 2017 fete would be on June 10. The races would no longer be organised by the WI and the clerk would approach the school to see if it could help. Councillors thanked the WI members for their hard work which was much appreciated. Some of the Templeuve visitors would like to bring their classic cars to the fete, which would be a lot of fun. Sewerage inspection Neither the surface drainage problem nor the sewerage backflow appeared to have been resolved. TheWealden Homes houses’ foulwater would go into an enormous tank which would be pumped into the main sewerage at 3am. Residentswere concerned about surfacewater drainage from the site. Resignation Therewas a vacancy for a parish councillor following the resignation of CllrAnn Benne Magazine Carole Findlay would be the new editor of the Village Magazine.


Street lights Itwas noted that street lights were not working near the Cherry Estate playpark. Cllr Sams said she had reported eight lights to Maidstone Borough Council. SpeedWatch The teamwas said to be down to three members and needed more volunteers to continue. If volunteerswere forthcoming, the equipment would need

A HOUSING development building site in Ashford Road, Lenham, was broken into and a bowser pressurewasherwas stolen. It is a large piece of plant with a white tank and red and green bars. A Peugeot 206 parked in Ragstone Road, Bearsted, was broken into. Nothing ap- peared to have been taken. A van parked in the road in Abigail Cres-

cent, Walderslade, was broken into and items stolen. In The Landway, Bearsted, a suspect smashed the glass in a rear patio door and ransacked the property before stealing a number of items. Someone gained access to the Sir Garrard Tyrwhitt-Drake Visitor Centre, at Cobtree Manor Park, and stole power tools, a petrol leaf blower, two petrol strimmers, fuel, a socket set and other items. They also gained access to the office, damaging the door and frame and attempted to steal a safe.

upgrading. Enhancement society This had been wound up and the balance of funds distributed to local charities. Cllr Greenwoodwas meeting a potential coordinator to try to organise the volunteers who had offered to take over the planters. Break-ins The village had experienced a series of outbuilding break-ins. Itwas suggested that CCTV could have helped identify the culprit, had it been available. Fly-tipping There had been two cases of fly- tipping. Maidstone Council had removed the rubbish in the second instance andwas investigating the source. Co-option Itwas resolved to invite Eleanor Gee to join the council. This brings the number of councillors to 12, with one vacancy remaining for southward. Allotments The solicitors for St John Ambulancewere progressing their end and Cllrs Greenwood and Ballard would meet at the site when the landwas being measured out. The question of joint access for the new residents and the allotment society members was still unresolved. Lenbus report Cllr Osborne outlined the now defunct arrangements whereby residents of Lenham Heathwere transported into Maidstone.With dwindling numbers this eventually became transport into Lenham. Since the accident it had not been possible to replace the vehicle. The insurance had paid out some money, £10k of which had to be repaid to KCC, which funded the vehicle. However, this left Lenbus with £5.5k which would be transferred to the parish council. Itwas agreed that this money, on receipt, would be forwarded to the Hatch charity. Ham Lane junction CllrWalmsley said he and Cllr Scrivens had met with a KCC Highways consultant who would generate an initial assessment in regard to improving the junction with the High Street from the viewpoint of pedestrians, to slow traffic down and improve the sight lines. This would cost about £750.Any proposed changes would have to be the subject of a leaflet drop to nearby residents. If the project was to go ahead it would have to be funded by the parish council. Itwas agreed to go ahead with the report. CCTV The system installed at theWilliam Pi field seemed to be workingwell and Cllr Culverwas confident that the same company should be used elsewhere in the village.

Playpark Neighbours of the Ham Lane playparkwere still complaining about older youths using the playpark at night and causing nuisance. The equipmentwas in danger of being damaged if thiswas allowed to continue. Environment TheMBCroad sweeper had been around the square and past the schools sweeping leaves from the guers. He said it was wrong that this had not been announced in advance, so that the cones could be put out to stop parking. As a consequence the sweep of the square had been ineffective. Itwas noted that the leaves on the pavement would soon re-fill the guers. The tree-cuing in the cemetery and Ham Lanewas approved.


Public forumAresident raised the issue of speeding vehicles along the Lenham Road at FourWents and the damage caused to property when accidents happen. Communitywarden Itwas noted that Dawn Riach-Brown continued to carry outwelfare visits and had recently reported more flytipping in the Chegworth Road area. Pavilion The alarm had been serviced and new key fobs had been coded ready for use. DitchesAsite meeting had been arranged with Kent Highways to discuss ditch clearance near Neverend Farm. Planning The council wished to see an application refused for a steel-framed grain store at Tong Farm, Headcorn. Thiswas due to the large scale of the building siing in open countryside and therewas a lack of demonstrated need and ecological survey. Community tasksAleer had been received from Kent, Surrey and Sussex Rehabilitation Company regarding their services in providing help such tasks as painting and decorating, grounds maintenance, lier picking and footpath clearance. Itwas resolved to make contact to discuss cleaning work required on the pavilion and with lier picking. Highways Members discussed the re- opening of an old entrance onto Ulcombe Hill.

Fly-tipping Cllr Shellina Prendergast reported on a positive meeting withMBC and ighways England regarding fly-tipping and general rubbish accumulation in the Chegworth Road area with a number of action points being agreed.

NeighbourhoodWatch Working to reduce crime. Call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 or local police

Windows were broken at a house in Church Crescent, Harrietsham. Deliberate damage was done to items be- longing to another person in Orbit Close, Walderslade. ABMWX1was keyed while itwas parked

at Bearsted Green. A vehicle body part was taken from blue

Volvo XC60 parked on a driveway in Forge Lane, Bredhurst. Parts were removed from a vehicle in Honey Lane, Otham. Animals were attacked and injured at a

farm in Forstal Road, Lenham. Fencingwas damaged and several Christ-

Maidstone East January 2017 47

mas trees stolen from a commercial yard in Gravelly Bottom Road, Kingswood. Four menwere seen in suspicious circumstances. They left the area in a white Ford Transit van.




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