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Speedwatch Fourteen offenders had gone on the police register. Of these, twowere third offenders and twowere second-timers so would have received leers. Liverton HillAvehicle going up Liverton Hill had crashed into Ivy House Farmhouse, partly demolishing the porch and garden wall. Policewere investigating. Street nameAfter discussion, councillors concluded theywere happy for Mrs Savage to pursue the registration of Coach Road. The clerk would write to her and to Maidstone Council. Bin Itwas resolved to buy a circular slaed lier bin at a cost of £144.99, excluding VAT, and delivery from The Bin Shop. Vacancy The parish clerk vacancy would be advertised in Malherbe Monthly in January and February.

Broomfield and Kingswood

Borough Councillor’s report Cllr Gill Fort said a resident had reported fly-tipping and lier on Pi Road. She had arranged for Maidstone Borough Council to remove most of the rubbish, but some remained as itwas on private land. The enforcement officer would contact the landowner. Website provision Cllr Friend had reviewed the KCCwebsite provision and said itwas extremely difficult to navigate. The clerkwas aending anotherwebsite training session in a final aempt to understand the requirements of the site. If the next session proved unhelpful the parish council would have to look for an alternative provision. Sports field The clerk had wrien to the Scout group about the decision to go with no broadband CCTV, but had not received a reply.An email fromMBCconfirmed that the strategy for match-funding for strategically important play areaswas still in the proposal stage, so itwas not anticipated that adoption of the proposal would happen until the new financial year. The clerkwas asked to write to Rob Reader and request a meeting to discuss the lack of information on work carried out to date. Parish council office Councillors accepted that therewere no facilities available to establish a parish council office. They asked the clerk to write to the village hall commiee to ask for an opportunity to discuss the provision of a parish council office at the village hall.


Police report There had been two crimes since the last meeting: a theft from a van in Murrain Drive and criminal damage in Ravens Dane Close. Play equipment had been vandalised in MallardsWay.Areport of drug-dealingwas being checked. Community centre Cllr Greenheadwas accepted as the parish council’s representative on the Downswood Community Association. Energy efficiency leads had been followed up and double glazingwas being considered. Planswere being drawn up for a storage area. Alternatively, an area behind the bins had been identified for a possible DPC/DCA shed or garage. TheDCAhad made a ruling that there could be no more big fireworks at the centre. Deringwood Drive Mixed hedging would be considered in the dip area on

46 Maidstone East January 2017

Deringwood Drive as it would stop children from going down there. Cllr Gary Cooke offered to sponsor some of the planting from his KCC community grant.


Police report The clerk said there had been seven crimes since the last meeting: two thefts from vehicles; two cases of criminal damage to vehicles; two burglaries other than a dwelling; and a dog-related crime. Salt bin Cllr Allardyce said the work had been agreed to replace the hedge in the village hall car park following the damage last winter. The hall now needed salt bins for access so they did not lose revenue in the case of snow. Purchasing thesewas said to be the responsibility of the trust. The parish council would accept a tonne bag of salt if offered by KCC, for the benefit of the village. Grounds maintenance Cllr Dean said the contractor Contract 5 had asked to discuss outstanding work to bring the contract areas up to standard. Itwas noted that the far side of the stream required major clearance (£300). The cornus and ribes on the village green had only been receiving a light trim rather than the 50% reduction required each year (£300). The company had cut back the other hedges on the A20 as a goodwill gesture. The clerk had received information on the community payback scheme and had contacted the company to see whether they would be able to complete the work.A meetingwas to be arranged. Cllr Dean proposed that if thiswas not possible, £600 be spent clearing the stream bank on the green and cuing back the cornus and ribes. Thiswas agreed. Burial ground gate Cllr Dean had met with a gate company to see what could be done about the access gates on Marley Road. The company had suggested lifting the right gate at a cost of £195. Cllr Dean had also asked for a quote to replace a fence post in WoodlandsWalk. He quoted £175 but said if both jobswere done together he would charge £270. Cllr Stanley had found two gates vandalised by the garden of remembrance. The company had quoted for a 10ft and a 5ft gate including the cost of transferring all the metalwork across from the damaged ones. The price for replacing both would be £525, but this sum could be reduced if workwas completed with the other jobs. Itwas agreed that all work be completed together at a cost of £745. Highways Cllr J Sams reported on the hole inWest Street whichwas still awaiting repair. She would get an update from the Highways steward.Aresident had complained about speeding in Church Road. Playscheme 2017 Cllr Sams said the parish council should still provide a playscheme. All policies had to be in place to apply for a MBCgrant. Cllr Sams offered to proceed with the grant application but said management of the scheme would need to be arranged. She said the additional hours offered by the fun club would bewelcome. The RFO said if a playschemewas run, no grant could be offered to the fun club. Itwas agreed that Cllr Sams should contactMBC regarding the grant. VHTmusic event The Village Hall Trust was to run the music event again on July 22, 2017, and had asked to use the Glebe field for parking. Itwas agreed that permission be granted, but that the grass should be reinstated if damaged.

War memorial The work would be completed in two phases costing in the region of £8,000. The parish council would commission the work and receive any grants from the History Society and then pay for the work, as the memorialwas owned by the parish council. Cllr Moore proposed that the parish council gave permission for the History Society to arrange completion of the work and for them to take the necessary step to raise funds. Thiswas agreed. Medical centre Cllrs Stanley and Allardyce offered to oversee the expansion project following the resignation of Gary Trussler. West Street parkingMBCand Kent Police would not take any action over congestion in West Street unless a serious incident occurred. The scaffolding companywas moving to Hampshire and the unit would be used by a neighbouring business with smaller vehicles. Cllr Allardyce asked the RFO for details of the station car park operators as the car park stood empty during the day. Cllr Moore said the parish council had tried to speak to them in the past, but had not got anywhere. The RFO said that if the charge of £2.30was reduced, commuters from other areas might come to Harrietsham, making congestion worse. Christmas tree festival The Friends of St John’s held the Christmas Tree festival on December 3 and 4. The tree could be bought for £25 or £35 if a standwas needed, or £25 could be donated for a tree to be left in the church until Christmas. Itwas agreed to do the laer. Councillors would arrange for the tree to be decorated. Mayor of Maidstone The mayor would be invited to the January meeting and refreshments would be arranged.


Welfare PCSO Dave Rowley had visited a pensioner who had not been seen for some time by neighbours and hewas found to be living with a carer and in good spirits. Remembrance The Remembrance Day trip to Templeuvewas a great success and 18 French visitors came to Hollingbourne for its memorial service. The school held a memorial service on November 11, aended by members of the WI and parents. Crime report There had been three reports – thefts from Eyhorne Street and Culpeper Close and a burglary in Greenway Court Road. Two cases of antisocial behaviour were reported – poaching on Hollingbourne Hill and a nuisance vehicle in Hospital Road. Poaching The PCSOs said an operation targeting rural crime had been carried out in the North Downs and some vehicle believed to be involved in poachingwere dealt with on that day. Four arrests relating to poaching had been made at Stockbury. Nuisance vehicles There had been issues on the byways around Hollingbourne including Drakes Lane which runs through Saywell Farm. The PCSOs had issued Section 59 warnings andwere issuing two more to vehicles which had been driving onto private land. Village buses Norman Kemp of NuVenture Coaches Ltd said that the number 13 had served Hollingbourne for 14 years but had a very low number of passengers. Unlike his competitors, which the schoolchildren use, NuVenture did not run entirely for profit and Kent County Council funded the service. Every four years KCC puts the bus services out to tender and supported

Parish Councils

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