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Improve productivity Improving health and safety can increase the morale and output of your staff - they will notice and react positively to improvements you make to their working environment, increasing their productivity and reducing the likelihood of absence, particularly from work-related issues, which may include stress.

Avoid prosecution and enforcement

action Poor health and safety can result in prosecution, or other action by the enforcement authorities. The cost of this to those being prosecuted has spiraled in recent years, and the HSE’s “Fees for Intervention” charged to businesses have just been increased. Add this to the new sentencing guidelines that have resulted in some huge fines, and you can see how damaging this could be.

Improving health and safety conditions can increase the morale of your staff

‘Improving health and safety can increase the morale and output of your workers - they will notice and react positively to improvements’

Keep your reputation and win business Most clients want to do business with an organisation that demonstrates integrity, doesn’t cut corners and isn’t in the papers for all the wrong reasons. Even very large companies suffer the reputational consequences of health and safety failures many years later - remember the BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill, or more recently, the ride failure at Alton Towers? As part of a tendering process, potential clients may check a business’ health and safety performance record, so a positive report can help you to win business.

And the good news… Good health and safety management doesn’t need to be complicated or cost a fortune. Aim to make it an integral part of your business, and make sure you have the following health and safety essentials in place: • Get competent health and safety advice • Write a health and safety policy • Control the risks in your business • Provide training and information • Provide the right workplace facilities • Manage first aid, accidents and ill health • Display the health and safety law poster • Get insurance for your business • Keep up-to-date with the latest compliance

Contains information adapted from HSE sources as permitted by Open Government Licence v.3.0.

NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2016 insight 23

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