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Export markets are a major opportunity for firms of all sizes, and Business West provides a range of services to help you go global

Make international trade work for your business I

nternational sales have provided substantial growth for thousands of British businesses and right now demand

for quality UK products and services is on the rise all across the world. And we’re here to help you take advantage of these exciting opportunities. Whether you’re considering international

trade for the first time, or if you already have some international customers but are looking for some direction then you probably have lots of questions.

Why should you take the export plunge? It’s proven that companies that trade internationally become 34% more productive in the first year alone. Add this to the fact that exporting businesses are more resilient and are 11% more likely to survive than those who don’t, it sounds like a no brainer. As well as opening access to new sources of revenue, trading internationally will allow you to spread risk across a wider range of customers, extend the market for specific products and ensure that you are aware of international competition.

Is exporting right for you? Before you commit to international trade you need to honestly assess your export potential, both in terms of readiness of your business and of your product or service. To help you decide try our ‘Are you ready to export?’ online tool, which provides a quick, basic assessment of your trade capabilities and chances of success.

How do you start trading internationally? If you’re serious about doing business overseas, and have answered all of the key questions, you will next need to think about how to research, target and grow a presence in overseas markets. Follow our 10 key steps to export success to

find out what you need to know about researching your market, implementing an export strategy, choosing your sales presence and much more.

Where should you target selling your goods or services? The opportunities for UK exporters in all corners of the world are simply staggering. British products and services carry a mark of quality and can command a much higher value overseas. With its close cultural and language ties the US is still the UK’s number one export market, with around $66.5 billion of goods exported here in 2015 alone. As a region, the EU offers UK businesses unrestricted access to more than 500 million consumers, with Germany, Netherlands, France and Ireland consistently the most popular destinations. Outside of these traditional, established markets there is a myriad of opportunities that shouldn’t be ignored in the high-growth and

emerging markets of Africa, Asia and Latin America. Over the last five years China has climbed the ranking to cement itself as one of the UK’s top trade partners, with $27.4 billion worth of British exports sent to the Chinese market in 2015, and India, Mexico, South Africa, Indonesia and Argentina are also worth keeping an eye on.

What support is available? To help you identify and evaluate where the global opportunities are for your products or services you should tap into the wealth of free advice and support that is readily available. Experienced trade advisers are on hand to

offer practical advice on a one-to-one basis, helping you reach new international customers and overcome barriers to market entry.

Workshops teach the tools of international trade

More and more companies in the region are exporting in order to grow their businesses. The world is rich with opportunities for British businesses that offer

unique or innovative products in a global marketplace. Despite this, however, a lack of information regarding the practicalities of exporting can often put small and medium-sized businesses off. In a series of workshops held across the South West, we provide an overview of the policies and procedures that govern exporting products

14 insight NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2016

and services, with a particular focus on food and drink. • 01/11/2016 Food and Drink Ready for Export Workshop – Weston • 14/11/2016 Food and Drink Ready for Export Workshop – Salisbury • 16/11/2016 Ready to Export Workshop – Bournemouth • 23/11/2016 Food and Drink Ready for Export – Plymouth • 01/12/2016 Ready to Export Workshop – Bristol

To book onto the workshops visit

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