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 46.5% own their own home with a median value of $140,200  64% of households took at least one vacation within the past year  Spent $33 billion on new cars last year  Spent $6.1 billion on consumer electronics last year  23% hold a bachelors degree or higher

Sources: 2010 U.S. Census Current Population Survey, 2010 U.S. Department of Commerce Study, Travel Industry Association of America, National Minorities Business Council and Selig Center for Economic Growth.

What is the biggest single mistake companies make with African American consumers? They think they can reach them only through mainstream advertising. That's a huge mistake. Advertisers could have so much more success in the market if they would specifically target and direct their marketing efforts to the African American audience. This strategy goes back 50 years when Ebony magazine convinced advertisers to use black models in their print ads. To this day there are generations of Black people who continue to be loyal to some of those brands. As a people, that's the way

we are, and we've got a whole lot of money.

The Black Pages should be included as part of the media strategy for every advertiser looking to target the African-American market and increase revenues and market share.

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