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Practice Makes Perfect on the Trail Horses can be like big, furry, four-

legged children—always testing bound- aries. As the handler or rider, you are responsible for setting and maintaining boundaries. Even a naturally easy-going horse can become fractious without con- sistent boundaries. Every time you interact with your

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Regional Ride Schedule The North American

horse, you communicate boundaries. When you halter your horse, do you re- quire him to drop his head and tip his nose toward you? If he drops his head, but fails to tip his nose, do you halter him anyway? If so, you reset the boundary. What about mounting? Do you expect your horse to stand quietly? What do you do if he walks off? If, instead of correct- ing him, you simply wriggle your right foot into the stirrup and head down the trail, you’ve reset the boundary. Each time to allow your horse a boundary infraction, even a small one - raising his head slightly as you attempt to bridle him - you have taken the first step toward owning a disrespectful horse. Correcting each little transgression may seem like you’re nit picking, but think of it as

whittling instead. Whittling is the process by which a raw piece of wood becomes a useful ob- ject. It involves repeatedly trimming small slices from the wood to remove unwanted portions while retaining the desirable ones. Whether you’re working with wood or your horse, whit- tling requires a lot of patience and practice. The more you practice, the better the result. w

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Final Follies on for Mid-December

The last competition of the Texas Trail

Challenge Club in 2015 will be held Decem- ber 12-13 at C-Bar Ranch in Valley Mills, TX. More than 50 horse and rider teams are primed to earn points at the Final Follies. The TTC Club offers multiple divisions

for every level of competitor, including a di- vision called Tenderfoot for those new to the sport. Awards are bestowed for 1st-6th and High Point earners in each division, plus there are annual awards to be won. The emphasis of TTC events is the safe

execution of common, and some uncommon, obstacles found on the trail, generally covering 6-8 miles with no time limit for completion. More information is available from Kate Love at w

32 SouthWest Horse Trader December 2015

Trail Ride Conference has published its 2016 ride sched- ule for Region 4. Region 4 in- cludes Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana and is one of six regions across the country. Competitors from all disciplines riding any breed of equine are welcome to come

• Dec. 5-6 • March 5-6

enjoy miles of competitive trail riding on private ranches and public lands. More information about

each event can be found on the

regional website, on Face- Book or by calling Elaine Swiss on 830-825-3032. w

A Wayfarer Christmas, Killeen, TX 7IL Scamper, Cat Spring, TX

• March 19-20 Louisiana Purchase, Provencal, LA • April 9-10

Pole Canyon, Quitaque, TX

• April 30-May 1 Run for the Mustangs, Stillwater, OK • May 28-29

• Sept. 17-18 Region 4 Benefit, Hot Springs, AR • Oct. 1-2

Indian Territory, Sand Springs, OK Robbers Route, Wilburton, OK

• Oct. 22-23 • Nov. 5-6

Grasslands Gamble, Decatur, TX Final Rendezvous, Stillwater, OK

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Optical Harmonics

Optical Harmonics

Optical Harmonics

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