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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The North Tustin Advisory Committee (NTAC) had a full agenda at its October meeting when several Tustin building projects were proposed. Frank Osen, 12322, 12342,

12352 Newport Ave., proposed a project entailing eight detached condominiums, four bedrooms each, with private yards and com- mon areas on 1.26 acres, and 28 total parking spaces. Osen’s alter- native proposal included eight de- tached condominiums, with 3-4 bedrooms each, and slight differ-

ences in setbacks. The project site is zoned North Tustin Specific Plan single family residential, with a consolidation incentive overlay. The proposals elicited public comment that included concerns about drainage, block walls, ro- dent control, rooflines, environ- mental assessments, neighboring equine uses, noise and traffic, unacceptable high-density/multi- family use, existing rural atmo- sphere, elimination of the current “eyesore’”of the existing prop-

Foothills Sentry NTAC circumspect about multi-family additions

erty, and elevation. After considerable committee discussion, the project was put to a vote, but the motion to approve ended in a 2-2 tie. Laree Broomer of OC Planning stated that the project will go through a full en- vironmental process, and that an initial study is being developed.

Break it up Cheng Cheng and Ying Lu,

9841 Brentwood Drive, proposed the subdivision of a 1.015-acre property into two parcels, to be

served by one on-site septic sys- tem, and grading to accommodate future single-family dwellings. Citizens voiced concerns about drainage, the effect on property values with the reduction of prop- erty size, loss of control over fu- ture use, real estate speculation, and the short notice of the propos- al given to immediate neighbors. The motion to deny the project was passed, 4-0. Two informational presenta-

tions were provided to NTAC. SCEL Properties, 1111 Wass

Street, discussed the approved revision of a parking proposal for three detached, three-bedroom condominiums.


about three data collection units (DCU) proposed by The Gas Company was discussed. The units do have not the capability to determine what is used in homes, nor can they be used to turn off the gas supply. The Gas Company will go door-to-door within 100 feet of installations to provide materials explaining the need and use of DCUs.

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