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Foothills Sentry Villa Park is only 15 minutes, Photo by Tony Richards

Bob Olesen and Larry Wood carefully load the XB-70 model for transport to its new home at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Mu- seum in McMinnville, Oregon.

Valkyrie model finds home in Oregon

After a multi-year search for permanent exhibit space for his

1/72nd scale model of the Valkyrie airplane, North Tustin resident Bob Olesen was elated when the Evergreen Aviation and Space Mu- seum in McMinnville, Oregon wanted to add it to its collection. “We’re excited to have it,” retired USMC Colonel Larry Wood

says of the museum’s new acquisition. “This plane was a testbed for a number of advanced technologies, and the only real one left is in Dayton. There isn’t much of anything about this airplane any- where.” The North American Aviation XB-70 Valkyrie was conceived as a high-altitude, high-speed bomber that would be immune to intercep- tor aircraft. The advent of intercontinental ballistic missiles in the late 1950s overtook the need for anti-aircraft bombers. The proj- ect evolved into a research effort to study long duration, high-speed flight. Two prototypes were built and used for supersonic test flights in the 1960s. One of them crashed, relegating the program’s history to the lone survivor -- and Olesen’s model. Retired aerospace engineer Olesen worked on the XB-70 aircraft program in the 1960s. He commissioned the model because he didn’t want the plane to be forgotten. Since the unveiling of the model in 2013, it has been displayed locally, but only temporarily. “I wanted to find a permanent place for it, where it would be appreci- ated,” Olesen says. Wood, a decorated Vietnam-era fighter pilot, recently retired as di-

rector of the museum. With a car trip to San Diego already planned, he volunteered to pick up the model, and chauffeur it up the Califor- nia coast to Oregon.

or four miles, from the Chapman University campus, but worlds away, in terms of being an un- exciting, quiet and conservative family-oriented residential com- munity. Most of Orange County doesn’t know the “Hidden Jewel” exists. So neighbors in Villa Park were surprised to learn that one of the homes in their quiet cul-de- sac had been rented to five Chap- man University students. The reaction of the neighbors

has been mixed. Homeowners on one side of the “frat house” have repeatedly called local law enforcement and university of- ficials about loud parties in the back yard that have included DJs, scantily-clad coeds and traffic is- sues, as well as smaller beer pong gatherings. Other neighbors have wel- comed the young men to the

Fran Klovstad of OPA and

Vikki Murphy of Orange recently went over the edge – literally, 17 stories, or about 210 feet over. “That first step,” said Murphy, “was the most difficult.” The two adventure-junkies rap-

pelled down the side of the Irvine Marriott Hotel, raising money for Boy Scouts of America. They were among approximately 60 brave souls that took the plunge to raise over $50,000 for the or- ganization.

Handmade items abound at boutique

St. Cecilia Church, 1301 Syca-

more Ave., Tustin will hold a gift boutique and bake sale from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 14, and 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. on Sun- day, Nov. 15. Handmade Christmas and fall decorations, doll clothes, fashion accessories, hostess gifts, baked goods, jams and jellies will all be for sale, 90 percent of which have been hand-crafted by the loving hands of church members. All proceeds will benefit St. Cecelia.

Fran Klovstad

neighborhood, calling them “nice, friendly, respectful” -- and even cooked dinner for them. “When the first party went late into the night,” one neighbor re- ported, “we asked them to not bring the party out front or let it go so late, as there are young kids here that need to go to bed.” The students,

she said, re-

sponded, and have tried to be good neighbors. Before a day- time pool party, they distributed a letter to each neighbor, advis- ing them in advance of the party, and hired security. Post-party, the renters walked along the street, picking up any errant trash. That was not enough for other

nearby homeowners. Partiers may legally drink in their own backyard, but law enforcement was repeatedly called for “loud noise.” The sheriff’s blotter indi- cated that “from the front of the

Tuesday, November 3, 2015 “Hidden Jewel” found?

house, I could barely hear the music, but could hear the yelling from the college students.” The renters were advised about the noise disturbance. Party traffic is not an issue for

many of the residents, as most students and coeds arrive and depart via Uber. But, they report, traffic becomes problematic for the entire cul-de-sac when law enforcement breaks up the party, as there is only one egress into the small neighborhood of six homes. As the school year picks up,

and studies become more of a priority, neighborhood ten- sions around this one home may lessen. But Villa Park residents, having heard the stories of wild Old Towne Orange happenings, are concerned that their “Hid- den Jewel” has been “found” by Chapman University students.

Over the edge for Scouting

Vikki Murphy

Orange Residents! - Do You Change Your Own Oil?

WM Curbside service can collect your used oil and filters right from your doorstep for free! Just call and schedule a pick up at (800) 449-7587. As an added convenience, you may also access Curbside’s website at

If you prefer to properly dispose of your used oil and filters without an appointment, simply take your used oil and oil filters to any State certified used oil collection centers listed below: City of Orange State Certified Used Oil Collection Centers (Drop Off During Business Hours Only)

AutoZone #4154 655 North Tustin Ave., Orange, CA 92867

David Wilson's Villa Ford 2550 N. Tustin St., Orange, CA 92865 Instant Lube

4428 E. Chapman Ave., Orange, CA 92869

O'Reilly Auto Parts #4019 3404 E Chapman Ave., Orange, CA 92869 Pep Boys Store #1667

1640 W. Chapman Ave., Orange, CA 92868 Toyota of Orange

1400 N. Tustin Ave., Orange, CA 92867

Valvoline Instant Oil Change 3232 E. Chapman Ave., Orange, CA 92869

AutoZone #5942 1330 N. Glassell Ave., Orange, CA 92866

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Truck Lubrication Company 143 S. Pixley, Orange, CA 92868 Volkswagon of Orange

210 W. Katella Ave., Orange, CA 92867

Make sure the oil is not mixed with other fluid, such as antifreeze, and that the oil is properly stored in a clean container. If the oil is contaminated, you will need to bring it to the Orange County

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center. The closest facility for Orange Residents is located at 1071 North Blue Gum Street, in the City of Anaheim.

For additional information on used oil collection centers, please visit oil. Big O Tires #5824

1825 E. Katella Ave., Orange, CA 92867 Firestone Store #27CG

1690 N Tustin St., Orange, CA 92867

Mountain View Tire/Goodyear 4935 E. Chapman Ave., Orange, CA 92869

Pep Boys #806

215 E Katella Ave., Orange, CA 92867 Stadium Nissan

1140 West Katella Ave., Orange, CA 92867 Trusted Tire & Service

143 South Main St., Orange, CA 92868

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