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CapitolHill and the regulatory agencies so we’ve got an educated group of legislators and regulatory folks,” he said. The more policy makers learn about the

trucking industry — including through in- person contacts like ride-alongs and visits to plants that manufacture trucks or truck parts — the better able they’ll be to understand how changes they’re considering will affect the trucking industry, Barna said. Reaching the general public is another

main goal of the TMAF movement. “People have the wrong impression based

on a few bad apples in the industry,” Mason said. “They’ve either been scared on the road or scared into thinking about accidents, the ‘big bad truck.’ People don’t realize the importance of trucking economically. Everything they wear, eat and buy has some kind of economic connection to trucking and the road. Trucking’s safety record has improved dramatically over the last 20 to 30 years compared to the automobile population. And the industry has become environmentally friendly with improved emissions standards, cleaner engines, and use of natural gas.We’re safe, we’re essential and we’re sustainable.” RW

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