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THE STATE OF MAINE'S BOATING NEWSPAPER Volume 27 Issue 11 November 2014


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Hodgdon Yachts launches the 100-foot COMANCHE, shown here sailing off Newport, RI before being shipped to Austrialia for her fi rst race. Photograph by: George Bekris Photography

At Johanson Boat Works in Rockland they are just completing a new interior for a Northern Bay 36. They also repaired wet core around the windows and she received new cushions from Aurora Canvas. Once completed, she will be heading to the Ches- apeake.

In another bay is a Sabre 38, which fell over at another yard. To make the fi berglass repairs, they had to remove the galley and main salon. They then replaced approx- imately 10 feet of the port side and then reinstalled the interior. The rig also been repaired.

In another bay is a Bunker & Ellis 35, named PEMETIC. She is receiving a new engine, her owner deciding to switch from gasoline to diesel. Since she had been stored for a number of years without going in the water. Her bottom is dry and she will have planks replaced as needed, re-caulked and painted. Her bright work will also be stripped and refi nished. As for the interior they will rebuild her head, galley, and make repairs to her systems as needed. A Lyman Morse 55 is in to have her decks completely redone. The big part of the project is removing her hardware and then Awlgripping the deck. They will also do some systems work.

An Olhsen 30 is into have wet core in her deck replaced. A Hinckley Bermuda 40 is in to be repowered, have her galley rebuilt, which

includes replacing the refrigeration system and countertop. A J-42 is into for spar and rudder work. A J-46 will be receiving a new genset. Lastly a Dyer 29 is in to have rot re- placed in her cabin house. They will also go over her systems and redo her bright work.

Morgan Bay Boat Company in Surry and Penobscot is progressing on the North- ern Bay 38 footer they have under construc- tion in Surry. Presently they are putting in the interior and doing fi nish work. This boat is scheduled to be fi nished and launched this spring.

Over at the shop in Penobscot they are putting together a Northern Bay 40 kit. They are putting in the bulkheads, doing the forward cabin glasswork and installing the engine (D12 750-hp Volvo). She will be going to New York, where her owner will be fi nishing her out.

Another 40, also going to New York,

will be fi nished out at the shop as a sport fi shing boat. She will be powered with a 670 hp Volvo. They will start this project this fall and she will be completed next summer. A Northern Bay 38 is also on order.

She will be fi nished out as a sport fi shermen for a customer in Florida. They will start this project in November and fi nish next summer. The owner has not decided on her power, but it is thought it will be a D13 900 hp Volvo.

KESTREL hauled up at Johns Bay Boat Company for some maintenance. This will keep them busy throughout

the winter, and there is still a lot of talk from others wanting to place orders.

Brooklin Boat Yard in Brooklin has several projects around the yard keeping them busy.

The main project is the 74 footer de- signed by German Frers. The hull has been completed and was rolled over this fall. They are now putting in her interior along with systems. The deck is on the third fl oor and they have completed putting in the core blocking, as well as installing the windows.

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They are now installing the halyard passage. They plan to marry the hull and deck about Christmas time. A very interesting project taking place in the front of the main shop is the building of a rowing gig for a naval museum in the mid- West. Back in August they started lofting the project and by mid-October they had 40 percent of her planked. Once the planking is done the interior will be next, which includes only seats and fl oor boards. The oars will be done by Shaw & Tenney of Orono. She will

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