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clean with amazing results, it’s time to call in a commercial jet washing company.

THE summer sunshine has arrived and it’s time to enjoy your garden to the full making the most of your barbeque and loungers.

But the wettest winter on record may well have left its mark in the shape of ugly stains and dirt on all those outdoor hard surfaces. And you’ll also probably notice that your conservatory is in need of some attention.

You could try a hosepipe or jet wash, which will help to some extent, but for a thorough deep

07803 054770

Fourteen years ago, local resident Adam Tester, invested in industry-leading equipment including truck-mounted system capable of cleaning any patio, decking, driveway, conservatory or awning. His award-winning company, has continued to invest in technology and training and has built up a strong reputation for expertise and top quality service for homes and businesses. After thorough cleaning, its qualified technicians can apply the latest seals and stain resistant coatings to help protect and preserve your investment.

Using nano-technology products, The Phoenix team has also been busy deep cleaning indoor surfaces, including carpets and upholstery, and protecting them with a stain resistant barrier. Resistant to spills and dirt, stains simply lift off.

Phoenix is also a fire and flood recovery specialist working with the UK’s leading insurance companies. If you are unlucky enough to be the victim of fire or flood damage, or have damp or

01622 753466 PHOENIX Formerly Hydro-Dynamix


George was only a few months old when his mum Sarah Irvine noticed a small lump appearing on his eyelid. Like any new mother, she was anx- ious that this didn’t appear normal and was worried that it might cause longer term problems with his eyes. “I didn’t know where to go for information, the GP just dismissed it as a birth mark but I was worried it could be something more than that. I didn’t really consider that an optician could deal with such a problem. Although I had been having eye tests myself for many years, most

opticians I’d seen had just dealt with my glasses and not really talked to me about the health of my eyes. Then one of my friends mentioned that she had taken her little boy who was having problems reading to see Buchanan Optometrists. I rang the practice and was told they were happy to see George in one of their pae- diatric clinics. I am very pleased that I followed my friend’s recommenda- tion because the care we received was exceptional. I am so grateful, not only for the support and understanding all the staff showed during our visits to the

- cient way Kathryn Buchanan dealt with the referral to the hospital, ensuring that they acted quickly so we received an appointment with the consultant very     Kathryn’s suspicions that the growth is not a birth mark but is thankfully be- nign, it may need removing if it starts to affect his vision. We have since seen the consultant several times and he will continue to keep a check on George’s eyelid, whilst we see Kathryn regularly to make sure his vision remains good. Kathryn has kindly called me for up- dates each time George has been seen at the hospital. It is fair to say that she has exceeded my expectations in terms of her superb manner with my young son, her knowledge, expertise, and the - ger tips in the practice. She has proved to be far more than someone who just tests your eyes for glasses, showing a genuine care for George’s health. We shall certainly always use Buchanan Optometrists for our family’s eye care and would recommend anyone with concerns about the health of their eyes to book an appointment without hesita- tion.”

Buchanan Optometrists can be contact- ed on 01634 757227.

Maidstone South August 2014 7

mould issues, the Phoenix team can help to identify and resolve the problems.

Phoenix are a local business and their reputation is a priority. Their guarantees are as good as their word and that’s how it’s always been. If the Phoenix team can’t clean it, it can’t be cleaned. No gimmicks, just a quality service.


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