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Crime report PCSO Alan Hunter reported an aempted burglary in Forge Row, Dean Street; criminal damage in Kele Lane; assault in Dean Street; assault in Gallants Lane and the of garden furniture in Heath Road. Flood plan Following a discussion with Luke Thompson from the Environment Agency, the council approved the flood plan subject to agreed alterations. The clerkwas to identify all the vulnerable properties.A representativewas to be sent for flood warning training. Car park Thiswas now open and in use again and the yellow bay delineation markerswere on order. The council had withheld a £2,000 payment because of this. SpeedwatchAcheck had been carried out at Farleigh Forge in Lower Road. Fete Despitewetweather, the fete had made an unconfirmed profit of about £1,500. The parish council thanked the fete commiee for all its hardwork. Dogs on recreation field Emails had been received from two residents whowere upset about the council’s decision not to allow dogs on the field. The clerkwas asked to reply that dog faeces leave a residue, even when picked up, which could cause serious illness if ingested. As children used the area for sport and picnics, the council had a duty of care towards them.


Highways Flooding up Greenhill Lane from Mundy Bois Coages to Brown’s Kitchen had been resolved. The drains at Stonebridge Green were blocked andwater was running down the road and across fromWillow Farm to Brook House.Work was being programmed. Emergency plan The parish emergency plan had been well received and the commieewas congratulated. Itwould be possible to update the plan as and when necessary. CulvertsAlist of landownerswould be compiled whowould then be approached by leer to keep drains on their land cleared to help prevent flooding. Basketball The ring was being repaired and when complete, Cllr Bill Smythwould buy new net and raise the backboard and make the area safe. Flytipping The white goods le at the garages in New Road had been taken away and Cllr Roger Harper would clear the remaining rubbish. Poppies Cllr Smyth had planted lots of poppy seeds but the rabbits seemed to be having a feast – hopefully the poppies would win. Itwas agreed to plant daffodil bulbs to give colour in the spring. Strong box Itwas decided to check how many deeds and important papers there were and then buy a strong box big enough to hold them.


Farewell Cllr Jenefer Gibson had formally resigned from the parish council aer 39 years of service.Acard and flowerswould be sent and it was felt that a further presentation should be considered to acknowledge her outstanding contribution to local government. Police report Therewere 11 crimes in the

46 Maidstone South August 2014

previous month, including the from vehicles and shopliing, and also seven reports of anti-social behaviour. Community warden Stuart Ellesmere’s recent nomination by the Headcorn Youth Forum and subsequent awar of local authority herowas commended by the council. Signs The clerkwas currently researching interactive speed signs whichwould form part of a future agenda item. Hedge The hedge at Maidstone Road near the bowls club had now been cut back, leaving a clear path for pedestrians. School capacity An email had been received from KCC Cllr Jenny While in relation to a leer about concerns over school capacity and urging the use of nearby land for expansion rather than housing. Planning The neighbourhood plan data analysis group continued to meet on a regular basis. The group had asked other parish councils about their progress. Speedwatch The equipment continued to be used regularly and some Sunday sessions had been organised. More volunteerswere needed. BT Openreach Cllr Martin Round had met with an engineer to discuss the position of the last remaining fibre optic box in the Wheeler Street area to allow superfast broadband connections.Asite in the footway of the Chantry was suitable and it was hoped this could be progressed quickly.


Officers elected Cllr Roger Sawtellwas nominated as chairman by Cllr Gary Thomas and seconded by all other members. Hewas duly elected. Cllr Thomas was elected as vice-chairman for the forthcoming year. Feed-in tariff payments Thesewould continue to be received by the village hall commiee and then passed on to the council. Members agreed that the communication of FIT payments should be formalised. Crime report PCSO Alan Hunter was unable to aend the meeting but provided a crime report. There had been criminal damage to a window, the the of a vehicle, burglary at a dwelling and the, and criminal damage to a fence. NeighbourhoodWatch Cllr SteveWyles said Huntonwatch aended the pop-up shop and had recruited seven more members. Therewere 115 properties in the scheme with all areas of the village covered. Therewould be a stand at the summer fete to aract more members and hand out supplies. More peoplewere reporting email scams. Internal auditor Members agreed to appoint Kevin Funnell as the internal auditor for the forthcoming year. Footpath David Munn at KCC had been contacted again regarding the puddles that collect on the footpath between Bensted Close and the village hall. Therewas no recourse on the contractors as they had built the footpath according to the specification ofworks. Had the grading of the path been specified to remove the possibility of puddles itwould have been much more expensive and lengthened the duration of theworks. Mr Munn said that if it was a persistent problem he could consider puing extra material at the low points of the path.

West Street Arequest had been made to KCC Highways for reflector posts alongside the recreation field. Andy Padgham said any further postswould have to be funded through Cllr Paulina Stockell’s member fund if she agreed to it. Members agreed that six more posts should be requested. Hunton gateway CllrWyles asked that KCC be asked to cut back the vegetation at the boom of Hunton Hill as the gateway was barely visible. Bus stop Cllr Thomas had received a complaint about the bus stop at the junction of East Street andWest Street as itwas dangerous for children geing off buses. It was agreed to contact KCC. Speedwatch CllrWyles said the Speedwatch team had been out twice since the last meeting – once near the school and once outside the village hall. Driverswere noted travelling at considerably more than the speed limit, but the policewere not sending leers to the drivers. Therewould be one or two more Speedwatch sessions to see what happened before taking action as a parish council to contact the police. King George V playing field Two new keys had been cut for the village hall door and gate. Simon Taylor showed the plans for the new cricket pavilion. The signs for the car park and play areawere due to be put up. The grant of £5,800 from the parish council had been agreed for 2014/15. Two quotes had been obtained for the topping of the poplar trees but more clarificationwas required. Margaret Carpenter was to resign as secretary and Sharon Goodwinwas to take over. Itwas agreed to go ahead with scalpings for the car park at a cost of £2,000 plus spray and griing costs. Changing room Children had been climbing on the football changing room roof. The frame leaning against the wall had been removed to prevent this. Orchard group The group had submied a bid for heritage tree stock from the Tree Council. The maximum the Tree Council would fundwas £525. It requires that local childrenwould benefit from the development of an orchard. The orchard would be launched at the summer fete. It would have a wildflower section where children could plant a plug. Itwas agreed that the parish councilwould provide a temporary loan to the group. Footpath hedgerow Medway Valley Partnership had provided a proposal to the Hunton Parish Plan steering commiee to improve the hedgerow. The costwould be £1,055 excluding VAT. Members agreed to fund the work. Cricket pavilion The dra plan for the new pavilionwas outlined, based on quotations received last summer. The cricket club would like the parish council to approve the plan so that the planning application could go ahead. The dra planwas approved. Parish services scheme Members considered the funding agreement for 2014/15 and agreed that it be signed. Call for sites Two sites had been put forward in Maidstone Council’s call for sites. The proposed number of dwellings was not specified.Within the dra local plan therewas also an allocation of four pitches at The Chances at Lughorse Lane, where therewas currently only one pitch. Play area Members agreed to pay for a picnic table at a cost of £875 and a park bench at a cost of £740 from Sustainable Furniture Ltd. The benchwas in memory of

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