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P3 becomes 2M as Maersk and MSC sign new deal

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efficiency and give lower slot costs through

improved utilisation of vessel capacity, while providing more sailings and direct port pairs. The 185 vessels would have

an estimated capacity of 2.1 million teu on 21 strings; six Asia/ North Europe strings, four Asia/ Mediterranean, four Asia/US West Coast, two Asia/US East Coast, three North Europe/US: and two Mediterranean/US. Maersk Line will contribute 110

vessels with a nominal capacity of 1.2m teu and MSC 75 vessels with 0.9m teu. It will replace all current VSAs

and slot purchase agreements that MSC has with Maersk Line on these trades. A joint coordination committee will monitor day to day management of the network. The VSA is expected to start

in early 2015 but the starting date depends on filing of information and in some cases approvals by maritime authorities.

A senior official from the International Road Transport Union (IRU) has called for a uniform legal framework for freight forwarders in the EU, including Union-wide regulations on access to the profession and shared liability with road hauliers. Speaking at a United Nations

Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) workshop on 12 June, head of EU goods transport,

Issue 5 2014 - Freight Business Journal

Hauliers call for stiffer rules for forwarders

Marc Billiet, said that the IRU was concerned by the large variety of national rules, lack of access rules for the profession and shared liability regimes for freight forwarders in different EU Member States. The resulting lack of legal certainty for road freight transport operators “could lead to further distortions of competition between service providers”, he argued.

While acknowledging the

importance of forwarders, who handle two thirds of goods carried by road in the EU, their involvement could lead to increased pressure on price and quality levels, have a negative effect on legal compliance and lead to distortion of competition, he said. He pointed out that while there are rules on access to the


profession of road haulier in the Europe, including requirements for good repute, financial standing and professional competence, these do not exist for forwarders. Nor is there legal clarity in

cases where road hauliers fail to comply with road transport rules due to instructions from a client or forwarder, although some member states do have national rules on shared liability.

MSC’s Diego Aponte

New services for Liverpool >> 1

764teu of ro ro space against 525teu on the

G3s. They will be delivered from

mid-2015 to early 2016. The vessels have been designed to go through Liverpool’s Gladstone lock as the ro ro operations are most efficiently managed on the flat water of the enclosed Seaforth Dock. They will not use the new in-river berths currently under construction at the Liverpool2 deep-sea container terminal, which is geared towards new post- Panamax vessels. David Cameron also

announced a £150m partnership between Peel Ports and Culina

Logistics to create the first canal- linked logistics park in the UK, when he visited the construction site for the expanded Port of Liverpool on 11 June. The new facility will offer importers and exporters an all-water route to warehousing and manufacturing. Mr Cameron praised

Liverpool’s efforts to rebalance the economy by allowing containers that would otherwise go via Southampton and Tilbury to reach the North direct. He added: “Rebalancing is happening but it needs to go further and it needs to go faster. Whether you are looking at investment, new business creation, exports – it is clear to me economic revival is on the way.”

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