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The Clevedon Spotlight talks with Huw The Wales Grand Slam Celebration, Senedd 19 March 2012 H

uw Bennet will be a familiar face to many, after achieving 51 caps for

Wales, representing his country in World Cup and Six Nations Tournaments; as well as playing professionally for Swansea and the Ospreys. However, Huw also went to school and started his club rugby in Clevedon. Many of our reader’s will know Huw best from this time and perhaps will be fortunate enough to have become friends with him during his Clevedon days. We catch up with Huw to ask him some questions about his career and fond memories of the time he spent here in Clevedon.

Q. What sort of advice would you give to youngsters wishing to follow in your footsteps?

A. At a young age it is important to play sport for the right reasons. In my opinion those are all about playing for enjoyment and fun. If you have ambitions to become a pro sportsman then there will be a time you have to give extra to training and make sacrifices which others aren’t willing to make. Although if you ever find that you aren’t enjoying what you are doing then you are maybe losing the whole idea of why you started.

Q. What memories do you have of your earlier life in Clevedon?

A. I have great memories with both Clevedon school and the

rugby club. I have made friends for life from both and relationships I can honestly say only started because of sport.

Q. How do you relax?

A. It’s funny how your priorities change as a sportsman. In my early years, relaxing was either playing computer games or spending time with friends. At the end of my career it totally changed to family time and any spare time I had, I would spend quality time with my family. I also like all other sports, particularly golf and cycling.

Q. What has been your biggest achievement to date?

A. When I hit the milestone of 50 caps it was a big achievement in terms of my career. Attending three world cups is always something I will cherish also.

Q. What has been your biggest disappointment?

A. Most recently being forced into retirement due to injury, it’s obviously very disappointing as I would have liked a bit longer with the boots on. As a professional rugby player you have to keep raising your personal goals. I had just reached 50 caps and the next was to reach four world cups and aim for a British Lions cap. But sport is what it is and now it’s

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about his days living in Clevedon and representing Wales in successive World Cup and Six Nations Tournaments

just a case of reflecting on what I have achieved and starting the next chapter.

Q. Upon leaving rugby, what skills were you able to bring to the business world?

A. There are a lot of transferable skills that you can take from rugby into business. We tend to be natural leaders and you don’t get to the top of any profession by chance. We know how to make sacrifices and we know the rewards that can come from going the extra yard. All our teammates were the same and willing to match each other for effort, say what had to be said or chip in when needed. That motivation and team ethic is something we take into business where not everyone necessarily has those same strengths.

Q. What were you best at in school?

A. I would like to say English, Maths and Science but I’ll have to say the obvious and go with sport.

Q. What sort of pupil were you?

A. Looking back now I would say I was always very confident of my abilities and even when I found something hard my competitive nature would come out. If I was going to do something I would make sure I gave it all my effort.

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