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in operations, she was moved into a supply chain security role. Because of CalArk’s international footprint – their trucks go to Canada and their trailers into Mexico – there’s a lot to consider from the security standpoint. After all, she said, when you’re dealing with cross-border traffic, you’re dealing with NAFTA. “Really, the entire operation is

different,” Hare said. “We, as a motor carrier, do not cross into Mexico but our trailers do; we have an operation in Laredo, Texas. There are a lot of certifications; there is a lot of security criteria you have to meet. And I was in charge of ensuring those programs were up to date. I actually kind of built a new program off of what they already had established; I just got everybody involved from there.” To get CalArk trailers into Mexico,

for example, they first have to hand them over to a drayage carrier that will take them through the border cross- ing and hand them off to the Mexican

transportation company. And there are heightened security measures that must be followed on both sides of the border due to the increased threat of drug car- tels and other criminal enterprises in Mexico’s border states. “It was a learning experience for

me and it was a challenge,” said Hare, “and challenges are the reason I’m in the business.” It was Dennis Hilton, CalArk’s vice

president of safety, who brought Hare into his part of the organization and he’s been extremely pleased with her work. “I can go on and on – this girl is a

gem,” said Hilton. “It just doesn’t seem like there’s any end to the energy she has. I’m really excited to have her on our team.” Her intelligence, attention to detail

and enthusiasm about the regulatory process all make her a great asset, he said. Plus, her personality has made it possible for her to connect with every- one in the organization, including the

toughest customers in the industry: Drivers. “It’s not always an easy task to deal

with truckers, and I can understand it,” said Hilton. “I think of truckers like Marines; I’m a retired Marine with 30 years of service and I can tell you there have been some times I’ve been frus- trated with things. Malea is always a good listener – she listened to the driv- ers and before she forms an opinion or reaches a conclusion, she tries to get all the facts and communicate those back to the driver.” So, is Hilton saying Hare would’ve

made a good Marine? “Oh, I think so!” he said, laughing.

“I would have been very happy to have her in one of my Marine organizations.” Hare said being named chair of

ATA’s Safety Management Council last May was humbling, not only because she’s the youngest and first woman in the position but because she’s work- ing with safety professionals she holds

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