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By Eric Francis Contributing Writer

Malea Hare doesn’t feel out of place working in what’s

primarily a man’s industry. After all, that’s pretty much how she grew up. “I grew up around a lot of boys – an older brother and

many cousins,” said Hare. “I was the youngest and the granddaughter. But I’ve just always been taught – by my father, grandfather, mother, grandmother – if you’re going to do something, give it 100 percent. Try your best. If you fall, jump right back up because you can try it again.” She’s lived that credo and it shows, given that at

27-years old she’s not only the director of safety for CalArk International, she’s also the youngest person (and first female) to chair the Arkansas Trucking Association’s

Safety Management Council. And that’s a great fit for a woman who will, when gently prodded, own up to being a total regulations nerd. “Yes – my regulations book is there on my night-

stand,” said Hare with a smile. “I’m the one people e-mail to ask, ‘what’s that regulation for so-and-so?’ I carry the regulation book. I am the nerd.” And how: Two years ago on her first shot at the

Arkansas Trucking Association’s (ATA) Safety Compliance Challenge during the truck driving championship, she took first place. Plus, her know-how extends beyond DOT to areas like OSHA and workers’ comp, which touch on compliance issues. “If it has anything to do with compliance, if it has

some regulatory requirement, you can throw me in there,” she said.


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