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The Self-Care Revolution D

by Dr. Robyn Benson

iabetes. Alzheimer’s. Obe- sity. Cancer. With disease and depression running rampant,

it’s not surprising to learn that we run the risk of exposing ourselves to over 80,000 toxins in our modern day-to-day lives. Enter the Self-Care Revolution™, an inspiring, educational 12-month series of weekly 60-minute telesemi- nars, Q&A calls, self-care journals and self-assessment tools. The series is designed to promote more holistic, patient-centered solu- tions to the current disease-management model of healthcare. Inspired by Dr. Robyn Benson, DOM, a specialist in pain management, women’s health and family medicine, and sponsored by San- ta Fe Soul Health & Healing Center, the Self-Care Revolution is bringing together world-renowned leaders in the field of complementary and alternative medi- cine with those who wish to actively attempt to prevent or reverse disease. “Be your own best health-care

advocate” is the first of five pathways that Dr. Benson speaks about regularly in order to prevent illness and stay well. The compound effects of self-care choices made daily—which includes food, exercise and stress manage- ment—have a profound effect on

personal health throughout life. “Daily choices that aren’t in alignment with your well-being can ultimately lead to disease which can take years to be expressed,” says Dr. Benson. “Self-care is the true healthcare and now is the time to commit to sustainable self-care strategies.” The Self-Care Revolution connects members with coaches who provide mentoring and guidance. The potential transformation includes such things as fat and weight loss while learning about foods, reducing the need for medica- tion, improving mental clarity and focus, increasing energy and stamina, reducing aches and pains, and lots of other important information intended to help people empower themselves to make wise choices for themselves and their families.

Subscribers to the series receive access to weekly 60-minute telesemi- nars, Q&A calls, self-care journals, and self-assessment tools on the following topics:

Month One: Thoughts and Food as

Medicine Month Two: Heart and Breath Matters Month Three: Transmute and Release Trauma Month Four: Unleash Your Brain Power Month Five: Restore Your Health by “Earthing” and “Electrosanitizing” Month Six: Power of Relationships Month Seven: Exercise as Medicine Month Eight: Empowerment through the Balance of Your Feminine and Mas- culine

Month Nine: Power of You = Power of Community Month Ten: Be Fabulous at any Age Month Eleven: Power of Gratitude Month Twelve: Celebrate Life and Pay It Forward

Series participants also receive a

free ticket to a live Self-Care Revolu- tion event scheduled for June 21–23 in Santa Fe.

As part of month four’s topic,

“Unleash Your Brain Power,” the Self-Care Revolution is presenting Jim Kwik, Nan Akasha and Michael Gelb, among many others. Some of the other presenters throughout the year include Bioneers Kenny Ausubel and Nina Simons, The Secret’s Bob Doyle, Lynn Rose, Dr. Larry and Barbara Dossey, Dr. Norm Shealy, Dr. Sara Gottfried and many more.

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