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‘A New Conversation’ Workshop Series

gnite your soul with this workshop series that

invites you to think out- side the box and hold “A New Conversa- tion” with yourself to gain a deeper understand- ing of your true self by uncovering

hidden gems within. Participants will get answers to

life’s questions, define personal needs and goals, and gain a renewed spiri- tual sense of place in the world to help them live life to the fullest. “These workshops are fun, innovative and inspirational and are held in an atmo- sphere of creativity that allows you to make new discoveries about yourself to make needed changes in your life. You’ll be happy and surprised by what you learn,” affirms workshop facilitator, Colleen McCann. During the workshops attendees will be safely guided into very deep states of relaxation and lucid mind states using hypnotherapy, Neuro- linguistic Programming (NLP), Transper- sonal Psychology, art, and mind-body techniques that tap into the creative wisdom of their subconscious mind for answers to life’s questions. “The results inspire soulful conversations, “aha” moments, deep contemplation, inquisi- tiveness, clarity and higher levels of consciousness that lead to life changing experiences,” says McCann. Colleen McCann uses transforma-

tive theories and practices to positively transform the human spirit. She runs public and private workshops in Santa Fe and other U.S. locations and will be coming to Albuquerque soon. These workshops make wonderful gifts and are fun to do with a group of friends to deepen friendships.

For more information, visit ANewCon- or call 505- 660-8148. See ad on page 15 and Save the Date listing page 28.

Intuitive Awareness and Healing A

t the Center For Inner Truth, the purpose of practicing the form of meditation they teach using psychic tools is spiritual evolvement and offers a concrete method to embody and practice every day enlightened living. Director Juli Somers says, “To move beyond the sense of duality of being human and being spiritual, we have to be present in these bodies and accept the challenging aspects of ourselves, our shadow sides, as integral to embodying our wholeness and divinity.” In this type of meditation at the Center For Inner Truth, one learns to read energy and their “pictures.” “These images may be from life experiences which formed beliefs that somehow limit the person,” says Somers. “Clairvoyance is simply ‘clear-seeing’ and when one can see themselves clearly, they can choose to release what doesn’t serve them.” On Tuesday, April 16, the four-week class Intuitive Awareness and Healing begins at 6:30 p.m. This class teaches essential energy tools to release unwanted emotions and mental states, develop and manage personal energy, and increase awareness of being present in the body to create life more consciously. “Come learn tools to increase your peace and amusement amidst all the energetic shifts during this time on earth,” she says. “Heal yourself and you heal the world.”

Cost: $140, four weeks. Location: Center For Inner Truth, 826 Camino de Monte Rey, A1, Santa Fe. To register, call 505-920-4418 or email See Calendar lstings page 29-30.

Certification & Training Program April 11-15, 2013

Santa Fe, New Mexico Based on Venus Star Rising:

A New Cosmology for the 21st Century By Arielle Guttman

Join us in Santa Fe, New Mexico for five days in April for the first ever Venus Star Point Certification & Teacher Training Seminar. Register at: or call 505-984-8330 for a registration form.

natural awakenings April 2013 11

A Comprehensive Professional


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