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Lobster boats lined up at Billing's Diesel & Marine in Stonington just waiting for the upcoming season. AMERICAN LOBSTER

MANAGEMENT BOARD, 19 February The Commission’s American Lobster Board approved Addendum XIX to Amend- ment 3 to the Interstate Fishery Management Plan for American Lobster. The Addendum modifi es the transfer tax for Lobster Conser- vation Management Area 3 (LCMA3-off- shore waters) to a single conservation tax of 10% for full business or partial trap sales within the area. This measure will be con- sidered by NOAA Fisheries as part of its upcoming federal rule-making process. TheAddendum isthesecondinaserie- sofaddendathatrespondtothedepletedcon- ditionoftheSouthern New England (SNE) lobster resource by scaling the capacity of the SNE fi shery to the size the SNE resource. Since the scope of the SNE resource encom- passes all or part of six of the seven LCMAs established byAmendment3, additional addenda will be developed to address effort reductions in the remaining LCMAs (4, 5, and 6). The Board will continue to work on draft Addendum XXI to refi ne and develop a defi nition of ownership for the purposesof measures contained in the addendum. The Board also approved Draft Ad- dendumXX forpublic comment. The Draft Addendumproposes to formalize measures outlined in an agreement between the off- shore lobster fi shery and groundfi sh sector trawl fi shermen for bottomsharing in Closed Area II ofGeorges Bank in order to prevent

gear confl icts and to protect large concentra- tions ofegg bearing females. The agreement specifi es certain times of year when lobster trap gear and sector trawl fi shermen may fi sh in (or not fi sh in) in certain portions of Closed Area II. The fi shing industry devel- oped this agreement in anticipation ofthe fi nal approval ofthe New England Fishery Management Council’s (NEFMC) Ground- fi sh Framework 48 which contains measures to help mitigate the economic impact of the dramatic reductions in groundfi sh annual catch limits for the2013 fi shing year which begins May 1, 2013. If approved, groundfi sh sectors may request, through their operations plans, access to areas currently closed solely to reduce fi shing mortality. In addition, the NEFMC explicitly considered potential gear confl icts and included language in the Framework that states “when considering sector requests for access to closed areas, NMFS Regional Offi ce should include, inter alia, consideration of the potential for gear confl icts, shifts in fi shing effort out of the closed areas and impacts on protected species and lobsters.”

AddendumXIX will be available on

the Commission website ( under Breaking Newsor by contacting the Commission at 703.842.0740. A subsequent press release will be issued when Draft Ad- dendumXX is available for public comment; no public hearings will be conducted on the Draft Addendum. For more information,

please contact Toni Kerns, ISFMP Director at Motions: Move to accept option 2 in Addendum XIX.Motion made by Mr. Ad- ler and seconded by Mr. McElroy. Motion carries unanimously.Motion to approve Addendum XIX for American Lobster. Motion made by Mr. McElroy and seconded by Mr. Adler. Motion carries unanimously (Roll Call Vote: In favor – ME, NH, MA, RI, CT, NY, NJ, DE, MD, VA, NMFS).Move to accept the document for public comment, Addendum XX.Motion made by Mr. Au- gustine and seconded byMr. Adler. Motion carries unanimously.Move to add section 3.1.5 Limitations on eligibility for Area 2 permit holders and requirement for permit holder to be aboard. To facilitate the accurate and proper identifi cation of the holder of an Area 2 permit and trap allocation, states shall limit the issuance of Area 2permits for trap fi shing or landing lobsters taken by traps to only named individual persons, not corporations. Moreover, within 2 years of the passage of this addendum, states shall require the named permit holder to be on board the vessel whenever the vessel is fi shing for - or landing - lobsters. Exemptions to the “owner on board rule” may be devel- oped by states to allowimmediate family members to operate the permit and vessel and for short-term disability or other hardship for only up to 2 years.Motion

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made by Mr. McKiernan and seconded by Mr.Gibson. Motion fails (2 in favor, 9 op- posed).Move to include another option in section 3.1.1 trap allocation transfers for partial transfers and section 3.2.1 to add an option that allows the area(s) fi shed to be declared on an annual basis.Motion made by Mr. McElroy and seconded by Mr. Abbott. Motion carries (10 in favor and 1 abstention).Move to add in 3.2.5 Option 3: Aggregate OwnershipTrap Limit. No single company or individual may own traps greater than fi ve-times the Single Ownership Cap if they have not already accumulated them prior to NMFS pub- lishing a present-day control date; there- fore, should an individual owner be in excess of the Aggregate Ownership Cap before the control date is published, that owner will retain his existing trap own- ership and that owner may not increase trap ownership once NMFS control date has been published. Any ownership with an accumulation of fewer traps than the Aggregate Cap at the time the control date is published may not exceed the Aggre- gate OwnershipCap.Motion made by Mr. R. White and seconded by Mr. Augustine. Motion carries (10 in favor and 1 absten- tion).Move to remove option 2 in section 3.2.5.Motion made by Mr. Augustine and seconded by Mr. R. White. Motion carries

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