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to success is his 71 year mar- riage. Connie and her fam- ily have always been very supportive of him.

He also

The following is an excerpt from the book: Daddy I Need to Go Potty by Gabriel A. Fraire

Kids’ Timing Ties Me Up

Each morning while clearing cobwebs from my head I’m usually getting together my girls’ breakfast, one’s two, one’s six. Breakfast is a pretty simple process because they both love cereal. I can prepare cereal, as long as it’s not the kind you have to cook. After they’ve eaten and

dressed and it’s time for Dad to eat, that’s usually a good time for my children to prac- tice their interruption tech- niques.

I prefer my meals hot from

About Gabe: Fraire had his first short story published in 1973 and a year later his first non-fic- tion article. In 1974 he wrote his first novel: "Latino Jesse" an autobiographical fic- tion novel about grow- ing up in a steel mill town.

In 1975 he began work-

ing as a journalist and in 1986 accepted the position as Editor of The Windsor Times, in Windsor, California. During this time he had his first book published: "Windsor the Birth of a City," a non-fiction record of how Windsor went from an unincorporated area to city- hood. This book was followed by: "I Remember Healdsburg," a collection of

historic memo-

the pan to the plate. I like to see a waft of steam up off the plate as I go for that first bite. Kids cool a meal. My two year old has this

built in alarm that measures the precise instant my fork is six inches from my mouth. “Daddy, I need to go potty.” I don’t recall ever eating cold food before having chil- dren. There must be some type of pre-birth Kids Training for the things they do to us? I know there isn’t much pre- birth Parent Training.

ries from residents of Healdsburg, Ca. and "Daddy I Need to Go Potty" a humorous look at the life of a dad with two young daughters, ages 2 and 6 written while his daughters were 2 and 6.

After resigning his editor's job Fraire

began working full-time as a graphic designer but continued to write and wrote two plays, with his brother John: "Who Will Dance With Pancho Villa" and "Cesar Died Today" both successfully produced in New York City. They also wrote the story and screen- play, "Stories of the Seasons" as part of the Kalamazoo Valley Museum Mexican American History Project. This was a planetarium presentation.

Gabe's book(s) are available at and

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Sonoma County’S upbeat DoCtorS

believes that keeping his mind and body active have kept him vibrant into his 90s. Martin is not a participant in the tech- nology revolution and does not use a computer. He still uses manual spreadsheets to track his investments, and does just fine!

His advice for today's

youth and working adults: plan for your retirement and your future, because it doesn't come automatically. In today's uncertain economy and world, that's wise advice, indeed. Thank you, Martin!


Eloise Tweeten is an

elder care advisor based in Santa Rosa, CA. If you know a wise

elder who is willing to be interviewed for this column, please contact her at 707-570-2589 or Continued from page 8...

I returned back to camp, then suddenly, it was time to go home and get things going all over again. I packed up, drive home, unpacked and prepared dinner for my family. Then, while enjoying a refreshing beverage with my wife, I have a fleeting! time really does fly! I have yet to see the wings, but know they're somewhere close by.

May this issue find you well, healthy and prosperous!

Weird Facts & Trivia - 3

America has more varieties of crabs than anywhere else in the world.

The smallest crabs are the pea crab, which live inside oyster shells, and can be less than 1.5 mm. The largest crab is the Japanese spider crab, which reach 12 feet from leg tip to leg tip, and a body 18 inches by 12 inches.

The oldest crab industry in the United States is the blue crab industry of the Chesapeake Bay area, dating back almost to the early 1600's.

Count them by sensation, and not by calendars, and each moment

But what minutes!

is a day. Benjamin Disraeli

In 1956 four U.S. chefs won the Culinary Olympics in Frankfurt, Germany. Paul Laesecke, Otto Spielbachler, Paul Leuppe and Paul Debes.

The total surface of Mars is less than the total area dry land on Earth. The surface of Mars is primarily composed of basalt, and most of the surface is covered by iron oxide dust. Iron oxide is also known as rust.

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