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February 2013Life, Health & Home WordPlay: Vocab Rehab by Marcia Singer

“friend of the soul,” and not only include lovers destined to be together, but others who care for each other uncondi- tionally. Anam caras can be best friends, companions and compatriots,

kindred spirits

or special pals who always have each other’s backs. And soul friends are not dependent upon living in close proxim- ity, either.

Whenever hearts

This Month’s Word: ANAM CARA

(aw-nawm caw-raw)

SANTA ROSA, CA. ~ While February’s calendar marks the Chinese New Year, Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthdays and Presidents Day, it’s the giving and receiving of val- entines, sentiments and dem- onstrations of Love that’s my focus. A word to expand our love vocabulary comes from the Gaelic tongue, a beau- tiful expression, anam cara, that means ‘soul mate.’ But if this brings to mind young lovers walking on the beach hand-in-hand, or a misty-eyed couple celebrating their fifti- eth wedding anniversary over a glass of champagne –think farther. Anam is the Gaelic word for soul, and cara means friend. Together they say

and minds join in this way, time and space are irrelevant. Soul mates are all about deep devotion and trust, connec- tions and ties not easily bro- ken.

A friend of the soul

opens your heart and lingers there through thick and thin, ‘til the end –or even after. The late author, poet and

philosopher, John O-Donohue says in his deeply touching and thought-provoking book, Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom, that in the Celtic traditions, friendship and soul are entwined. He writes, “In the sacred kinship of love [and friendship], two souls are twinned” --taking the idea of ‘twin souls’ to a new level. To be soul sisters or brothers or lovers and mates suggests you’ve really let each other in close, to the innermost places. And once there, you’ve found a safe haven. There’s no need to hide. It’s safe to come out, reveal secrets, breathe freely. You are intimately known, understood, accepted. You feel at home.

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--Which can easily translate

to the “play-mate” operating mode. Your anam cara can be your most reliable match for play time, be it a rous- ing or a quiet-type experience. In studying Play for many years and teaching comedic improvisation, I found that it’s the friendship, innocence and open-heartedness brought to any activity that makes it a joy –a sense of anam cara literally at play. Trusting one another, we can be spontaneous, off guard, even risk looking fool- ish, releasing the performance anxieties that stifle fun. With an attitude of soul friendship, our creativity and imagination get stoked: It’s Improv all the way. We reap the benefits of just letting go and enjoying being alive this very moment with someone who ‘gets’ us. Who are the anam caras in

your own life? With whom can you speak the deep lan- guage of love and caring, feel soulful presence? With my soul friends, there’s a sacred quality of relating even the most mundane things, because we share an honesty that let us be truly seen, heard and felt.


me in appreciating our own anam caras in clear, dear and imaginative ways, all month long,.

Shine delight, ~ Marcia

UPBEAT TIMES • February 2013 • 21

Petaluma Dental Group Providing Free Dental Care to Uninsured Children

PETALUMA, CA. ~ It is not unusual to see a child smile, showing off a mouth full of clean and healthy teeth

after ing the visit- dentist,

and yet, many of us take this dental care for granted. Dental care can be an expensive necessity, and for the

uninsured, it

often becomes a luxury. This is why Petaluma Dental Group will be holding their Give Kids a Smile Day on February 9th, 2013.

Dentists and other team mem- bers will be volunteering their time, and services, to pro- vide screenings, treatments and education to uninsured children. In conjunction with National Children's Dental Health Month, the American

Dental Association estab- lished Give Kids a Smile Day to help support communities in their efforts to reach out to uninsured chil- dren and pro- vide free dental care to them. Petaluma Dental Group owner Dr. Yolanda Mangrum takes this mission to heart and for the last 12 years, has strived to provide


care to uninsured children in Sonoma County. Giving back to the community is important and what better way to do that than to put a smile on a child’s face. To schedule an appointment

for your unin-

sured child between the ages of 3-18, please call (707) 639- 8800 and mention Upbeat!

come, but small ones surround us every day. Sally Koch

Great opportunities to help others seldom

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