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of rejection and he knew he had to leave. He

also knew exactly where to go. Te Question was “when” and “how?”

A dream he had He told us about a dream he had. He

was upstairs in a house. Te room he was in had two windows, one to the leſt and one to the right. To the right he saw sand-dunes. Tere was a strong wind that caused the landscape to change. Tis altered the landmarks one would use to plot a journey. It was complicated by

quicksands where

there was no foothold. “Dare I go there” he thought, “Let alone lead anyone else there?” Te landmarks

that kept

changing were things like the creeds, the Bible and the foundation documents

of the

Church. Tey were fast disappearing.

From the other Jeremy and Annette Vinall with daughter Alex Lloyd

window he looked out upon a rough sea. Fr Keith does not swim although there was a rock a long way off He knew he needed to be on that rock. But he dare not attempt to swim and the sea was very rough.

Final Sunday Shortly before his final Sunday in

the CofE, two things happened. He realised that the house in the dream must, by definition, have been built on a sandy shore, and that S. Peter had sent his fishing boat in the form of the Ordinariate, to that shore and held out his hand to take all those who would respond across the sea to the Rock.

August 2012

Page 5 oſten twenty eight or thirty on a Sunday.

Issues to be resolved Tere are issues that need to be resolved.

Cherry Foster

Te Diocese of Cliſton has a pastoral plan for Salisbury. Tis involves joining the three independent Parishes and the two chapelriess together. Tey would be served by two priests instead of three. Into this comes the Ordinariate. What to do with us? It is a problem.

We get on extremely

so well with the Catholic clergy, and the local CofE Archdeacon could not have been kinder to us.

Or own Easter Triduum One great step

forward was when we decided to have our own Easter Triduum. It was a daunting prospect, with our reduced resources, but it was worth it.

Our Sunday Mass is at 1100 and we have Evensong once a month and a Wednesday evening Mass.

“Posh Catholics” Our welcome in the Catholic Church

has been wonderful, We have been told that the Catholics admire us, although they do not really know what the Ordinariate is. One person called us “Posh Catholics”!

As things are, the Group can afford Patrick Houston Tat final Sunday in the Cof E was full of emotion.

“What does one say to the people one has loved and nurtured for sixteen years. Tis was a false divisions that ought never to have happened. It was so painful to leave. I looked at the readings for that day and it was the parable of the wise and foolish builders! So: I told the congregation my dream”.

“Tere were twenty who made that journey. Two

to pay its own way because I am retired and on a pension. Whether they could keep a priest who needed a full stipend,

is another matter. As to supporting an Ordinariate Day event, it would depend where and what it was. It could be a long way from us and that would be difficult.

In ten years’ time we shall be in one of two places.

Either significantly larger and possibly in our own church building: or subsumed into the general Catholic Church. If it is the latter, then we shall have failed the Holy Father.”

We thanked Fr Keith, and asked him to thank the have become Diocesan Catholics, yet we are more Group for our welcome.

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