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August 2012

Salisbury anything but plain!

Jackie Ottaway and Ronald Crane visit the Salisbury group

WHEN YOU think about Salisbury, what image comes to mind? Is it the army with its tanks on Salisbury Plain, a city and county deep in rural England, the Racecourse, or a great Cathedral? Te city is not large. In 2001 it had a population of 39,726, although this is expected to be greatly increased in the 2011 census. For us, Salisbury calls to mind a remarkable Ordinariate Group led by their able priest Fr Keith Robinson.

The Most Holy Redeemer Te Group worships at the Church of

Te Most Holy Redeemer for the time being. It is a pleasant modern building, set by a lovely Green amid, what look like,

former Council Housing. Tere

were about thirty people present for Mass on the Sunday of our visit. Te welcome was warm by any standards, and the Mass beautiful. Te homily was as good an homily as one could hope to hear.

Mike Burbeck Over Coffee aſter Mass

we spoke to members of the congregation. Mike Burbeck (60) is a former member of General Synod. An engineer with Network Rail he regrets leaving some of the Conservative Evangelicals behind. “We have walked away and we have a future. Tey do not” he said.

Mike told us that their

welcome into the Catholic Church has been very warm. “It could not have been better. We have gone from being outside and marginalised to being welcomed”.

“We do have a treasurer, but we

do not have a committee. Instead, because of our present small size, we hold congregational meetings.”

“I think we shall grow as disaffected

CofE members come and join us as they push same sex marriages and women bishops. We then become a place of sanctuary, but only when the time is right. I do not see us

John Antell and Fr Keith Robinson

“Our future is unsure, but I hope we can go in the direction

of developing some Mission and Evangelisation policies.”

“I think the Portal is well produced

and the Ordinariate is marvellous! No one expected it, and it is wonderful!”

Fr Keith Robinson Fr Keith is an old friend. We have

Alex Lloyd

both known him for many years. A real gentleman. Aſter lunch he told us that he didn’t have any regrets about joining the Ordinariate. Te Synod in July 2008 made it clear to him that there was no return. He felt a sense

disappearing into the general diocesan Catholic structure, but I do see diocesan Catholics joining us!”

“Te Most Holy Redeemer is a Michael Burbeck

temporary stop. We are still in the mode of establishing ourselves and our mission. It is important that we stay together and do not develop a seige mentality. We must remember that we are all part of a much larger group.”

John Antell John Antell (55) is a Barrister.

He was received into the Catholic Church in 1997 in Wincanton.

Impressed when

the Ordinariate came along, he had to join. “I had been waiting for it to get to me, but in the end I had to move to it” He said. “Te only thing I really miss is Evensong! Now learn that we have even brought that with us!”

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