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August 2012 Letter from Australia by John Parkes

AFTER A long gestation, the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross was born on 15 June 2012. Te skilled, encouraging and patient midwife has been Bishop Peter Elliott, the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference Episcopal Delegate for the Ordinariate.

Australian Ordinariate Born Bishop Peter Elliott

is an Auxillary Bishop of

Melbourne. Bishop Geoffrey Jarrett, the Bishop of Lismore, and he have been two of the members of the Bishops Commission for the Personal Ordinariate. Both are former Anglicans and both were present at St Mary’s Cathedral in Perth when Archbishop Timothy Costelloe ordained Harry Entwistle, formerly Bishop of the Western Region of the Traditional Anglican Communion, to the priesthood in the Catholic Church on 15 June.

in the north east (where there will also be an Ordinariate congregation), it is roughly equivalent to the distance from London to Damascus. Other Ordinariate congregations will be spread over Australia.

John Parkes Melbourne Meeting

Melbourne is very likely to be the next Ordinariate ‘cab off the


Fr Harry Entwistle with Bishop Geoffrey Jarrett, Bishop Peter Elliott, Archbishop Timothy Costelloe and Bishop Donald Sproxton after his ordination to the Priesthood in St Mary’s Cathedral Perth

Aſter the Ordination Mass, Bishop Elliott,

proclaimed Benedict XVI’s erection of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross, under the patronage of Saint Augustine of Canterbury. Father Harry Entwistle was announced as Ordinary. Several hours earlier 40 of the laity of his congregation were admitted to the Catholic Church. Tey received their first communion with him at the Ordination Mass. My wife and I came over from Melbourne for the Mass. It was a joyful occasion, replete with hymns from Anglican patrimony. Since then Father Harry has admitted another 20 of the laity in Perth.

A spread out Ordinariate Father Harry has a big patch. To give some idea of

the distances involved, the distance from Perth in the south west across the continent to Melbourne in the south east is roughly equivalent to the distance from London to Athens, and from Perth to Rockhampton

At an Ordinariate Information Day on 14 July in Melbourne, Father Harry spoke of those entering the Ordinariate taking on the Catholic culture of being much more community orientated, and bringing with them the treasures of our Anglican heritage, including our English Spiritual

Tradition (which we need to rediscover), which claims continuity with the desert fathers and mothers, with the Celtic Church, Saint Augustine of Canterbury, Saints Benedict, Anselm, Bernard, Aelred, the English mystics of the 14th century, such as the author of Te Cloud of Unknowing, Margery Kempe, Henry Rolle, Walter Hilton, Julian of Norwich and later, the Reformers, the Caroline Divines of the 17th century and the Tractarians, in particular Blessed John Henry Newman. He also encouraged the tradition of the expectation of the laity to join the clergy in reciting or hearing daily matins and evensong.

Father Harry said, “Te Ordinariate will grow and

become financially self-supporting if we keep our eyes on the Lord, if we are faithful in prayer, scripture reading, study, reception of the sacraments, are evangelistic and live the Christian life wherever we are and whatever we do.”

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