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Benelux page 18: Big isn’t always beautiful p.18 ⁄ European airfreight industry’s ‘space man’ p.19

There is a risk of excess widebody freighter aircraſt capacity between now and 2016, said the Air Cargo Management Group. In its latest report, “The Freighter Overcapacity Threat” published on 26 June, the Seattle-based consultancy and market research group found that unless worldwide air freight demand resumes growth at near historic rates, the industry would be forced to scale back fleet expansion plans or even make substantial reductions in existing fleets over the next five years. ACMG director, Alan Hedge, said: “The threat is significant and could become

critical.” With aircraſt manufacturers

introducing three new widebody freighters in the last three years, operators have been expanding their freighter fleets and the backlog of orders for new production freighters remains robust. Meanwhile, production of widebody passenger aircraſt is set to double, adding a significant amount of competing belly space for cargo, in the face of stagnant global air cargo demand. ACMG warns that additional all-cargo

airlines could go bankrupt or be forced to restructure, while combination

Humber page 27: Ready, willing and Able p.27 ⁄ Cars drive Grimsby’s growth p.28

Freighters in crisis, warns new report

airlines operating freighter aircraſt may exit the main deck cargo business. “A soſt landing is possible, but that

will require both aircraſt buyers and manufacturers to act soon,” Hedge said.

Air France is to reduce its freighter

fleet from five to four aircraſt and will integrate its cargo business with those of its sister companies KLM and Martinair, which operate a total of 13 freighters. The plan is part of a cost-reduction programme that will also see the airline’s workforce reduced by over 5,000 in the next 18 months.

Essex firm pledges support for London Gateway

An Essex logistics firm has become one of the first companies to throw its hat into the ring on behalf of DP World’s new London Gateway port, due to open in late 2013. Basildon-based logistics and fulfilment company The Finishing Line said on 27 June that it would make its customers fully aware of the advantages of the new port. This would help route thousands of shipping containers to London Gateway, removing over 500,000 truck miles from the roads every year.

Chairman of The Finishing Line,

Andy Mead, said: “We want to make our customers fully aware of the options

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New ship and crane lift canal traffic

New ship and crane lift canal traffic

Pall-Ex goes pan- European

Piggyback trains in September

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