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How Do Americans Feel About the Health Care Law?

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Education and Community Caring are Hallmarks of Director’s Career

BY TOWNE TODAY TowneBank Norfolk director,

Ulysses Turner is well known and well respected throughout the Hampton Roads community. Not only has he taught hundreds of high school students, he’s also been a long-time proponent of higher education, and serves his community through both his business and his volunteerism.

Ulysses, a graduate of Norfolk Mitt Romney BY BROOKS JACKSON Mitt Romney says “most

Americans want to get rid of” President Obama’s two-year-old health care law. Is he right? That depends on which poll-taker is asking the question, and how it’s worded.

Romney made the assertion

at a rally in Louisiana recently, marking the second anniversary of the president signing the law. He’s not alone —others have made the same statement, but, some polls show otherwise.

For example, a Bloomberg

News national poll of 1,002 adults taken March 8 through March 11 asked the question this way: “Turning to the health care law passed last year, what is your opinion of the law?” The poll gave three choices, with the following results:

 37 percent agreed with the statement, “It should be repealed.”

 46 percent agreed, “It may President Barack Obama

   but we should see how it works.”

 11 percent said, “It should be left alone.”

 6 percent were not sure. An earlier Gallup Poll of

1,040 adults, conducted Feb. 20-21, asked the question this way: “If a Republican is elected president in this November’s election, would you strongly favor, favor, oppose, or strongly oppose him repealing the healthcare law when he takes     results:

 26 percent “strongly favor.”  21 percent “favor.”  24 percent “oppose.”

 20 percent “strongly oppose.” That makes 47 percent of

respondents who said they favor repeal to some degree — not “most.” That’s more than the 44 percent who oppose repeal (with 9 percent presumably unsure or


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State University, earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Processes and taught industrial education at Ferguson High School in Newport News from 1969-1981. He completed his Industrial Education teaching      University.

“Education is absolutely key

to establishing a successful life and career,” says Ulysses. Ulysses and his wife Josephine have three children: Jessica, Stacy, and Jared. Their children all graduated from ODU. Ulysses established two scholarships for students attending ODU’s Darden College of Education: the Jessica Rhea Turner Scholarship in Human Services Counseling (named for his daughter) and the Ulysses Turner Scholarship in Educational Curriculum and Instruction. “Our entire family believes in the importance

TowneBank Norfolk director, Ulysses Turner, continues to serve Hampton Roads. Photo courtesy of Towne Today

of education,” he shares, “and through these scholarships, we want to inspire and assist college students.”

An entrepreneur, as well as a teacher,

Ulysses founded and operated Turner’s Air-Conditioning and Heating for nearly 20 years. He also became the owner of DIRECTOR PAGE 4

Fraud Against the Elderly: How You Can Spot and Prevent Financial Abuse

Each year millions of senior

 fraud or theft of money, property or valuable personal information. Often, an adult child or other relative is responsible. Other situations may involve trusted individuals such as caregivers, legal guardians, investment advisors or new “friends.” And because the types of abuse may differ widely, it’s important to take a variety of precautions. Here are suggestions for protecting yourself and your loved ones:

Choose an advisor carefully. If you’re

considering hiring a new broker, attorney, accountant or other professional, even someone recommended by a friend or relative, it’s best to independently look into that person’s background and reputation before investing money or paying for services. For example,         registered or licensed and has a clean record with regulators and other consumers. When in doubt about how to research this information,

 consumer protection agency for guidance.

Make sure you not only understand the

role an advisor will be playing, but trust that this individual will do what’s best for you and  or say no. After all, it’s your money!

Be careful with powers of attorney. At

some point, you may want to have a power of attorney, a legal document that authorizes


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