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It may appear that it is a return of an old favourite, but underfloor heating has seen a real resurgence lately. Best of all, however, underfloor heating not only makes your home more comfortable, it helps you lower your energy bills while simultaneously helping the planet. Underfloor heating is one of the smartest upgrades you can put in a new home building or home renovation project.

heating system does not have this problem. Instead, the floor holds the heat underneath it and pleasantly warms the room. As heat rises, it warms the rest of the room to the preferred temperature. This form of heating is a more efficient way to heat your space. With underfloor heating, you can heat floors like


tiles or stone economically. Whereas a convective heating system will slowly heat the room by circulating the air, the underfloor heating system heats it from the ground up. In addition, a traditional system will keep much of the hot air at the top of the room, while the floor and lower portions of the room stay cooler; with an underfloor heating system, the opposite occurs. One of the biggest

benefits of underfloor heating is that not only are you and your rooms warmer and more comfortable, your energy bill goes down compared to using standard boilers.

nderfloor heating is a superior way to heat your room or space. While heat can be lost through traditional heating systems like by duct leaks, the underflooting

If you have a standard boiler and convert to underfloor heating, your energy bills can decrease as much as 40%. In addition, your room will stay warmer more efficiently and effectively for the life of the underfloor heating system. Although underfloor heating is more expensive to

install than a radiator, costs are continuing to drop and in the long-term, you will save much more by installing underfloor heating when compared to a radiator.



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