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12 Wickford Extra, Autumn 2011 Recipe –Turkey time By Sarah O'Meara

WHILE most people spend Christmas trying to 'Do aDelia', have you ever wondered what the top celebrity chefs do for the festive season? Jamie Oliversaid: "I cook pretty much every year.

Ieither do it all or Ishareitwith mum. Christmas is all about roast potatoes, killer gravy and great turkey -and if you get that right, then you won't fail. "The trick with Christmas is to get organised.

Fifteen minutes of note writing is all you need. Then get rid of anything that turns your kitchen into your front room, put it under the stairs, and get your kitchen back!" Gordon Ramsay said: "Wedothe usual tradi-

tional turkey and trimmings for lunch, everyone mucks in to help, we all eat too much and there's alot of laughing and rubbish television." Marco PierreWhite, who famously handed

back all his Michelin stars, added: "When Iwas a child, we used to have turkey on Christmas Day like many families -italways had that sense of occasion and tasted delicious surrounded by all those trimmings." HereisMarco PierreWhite's Christmas turkey


•Pre-heat oven to 190C/Gas Mark 5for a conventional oven or 170C for afan assisted oven (please note that all cooking appliances vary) •Ifusing afrozen turkey,ensureit's properly defrosted. Once thawed, remove turkey from the packaging. •Remove the giblets and neck if not already done so, and storeseparately in acovered container in the refrigerator until you'reready to make the gravy. •Iadvise cooking the stuffing separately,but if you wish to stuffyour turkey,make sure you place the stuffing in the neck end only. For every 500g of stuffing used, increase the total cooking time by 10 minutes. •Ifcooking an unbasted turkey,brush the skin with melted butter or oil, if desired, and cover loosely with foil, making surethe thighs arewell covered to prevent overcook- ing. Also baste regularly during cooking. •Ifcooking aBernardMatthews Farms Golden Norfolk Turkey which is self-basting, there's no need to brush with oil or butter,or baste during cooking. Simply cover with foil. •Next, place your turkey in the roasting tin and roast in apre-heated oven, following the guidelines on the packaging or use my handy 'Turkey Timer' which can be found at •Remove the foil for the final 30-40 minutes of cooking time, to allow the skin to brown and crisp. Also, warm up the serving dish you will be placing your turkey on. •Toensureyour turkey's completely cooked, insert aclean skewer into the thick- est part of the thigh. When cooked, the juices should run clear.Ifpinkish, returnto the oven and cook for alittle longer,then re- test. •Once you'rehappy your turkey is com- pletely cooked, carefully transfer it to your warm serving dish and allow the turkey to rest for 30 minutes beforecarving. This allows time for the juices to come to the sur- face, making the meat moist and succulent. •Remember to wash your hands beforeand after handling raw poultry and to clean the work surfaces.

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moretips on cooking the perfect turkey this Christmas.

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