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set in Hong Kong, Lai will be working on a more international project which will be shooting largely in South Korea. The love story will cross over two cultures and reveal the special training process of Asia’s idol-making machine. We especially hope to find partners in Korea and China,” says producer Chu. Contact Chu Chung-on, Johnny Wang

ONE MORE (India) Dir Shivajee Chandrabhushan (pictured) Prod Abhishek Mishra Synopsis India’s first ice- hockey team struggles to pursue their dream in the face of apathy, ridicule and

the harsh environment of the Indian Himalayas. Budget $290,000 Financing to date $76,000 from Mishra The lowdown A sports film from the director of critically acclaimed drama Frozen, also set in Ladakh in the Indian Himalayas. “We may be the world’s largest film-producing nation, but ice hockey is quite unknown in India, and a film about this sport has never been done,” says Chandrabhushan. Contact Triparna Banerjee

THE PROMISE (S Kor) Dir KimJho Gwang-soo (pictured) Prod Shim Hyun-woo Synopsis When Kang’s gay partner dies and leaves him the apartment, a legal battle ensues with

his family. As the relationship becomes public, market vendors who were almost like family turn their backs on Kang, his daughter is assaulted and social prejudice makes Kang’s determination to honour his partner’s wishes falter in fear for his family’s safety. Budget $2m Financing to date None The lowdown One of the first feature directing projects from well-known producer KimJho Gwang- soo. “Though it has queer [issues] as the subject matter, I think the greatest advantage of this film is that it is not a queer movie but a much more universal film that can touch human emotions powerfully,” says producer Shim. Contact Shim Hyun-woo

n 24 Screen International October 2011

THE ROAD (Tai) Dir Chang Tso-chi (pictured) Prod Hsieh Hui-ching Synopsis An epic story centring on three stages of a woman’s life: a brutal battle during the Chinese civil war in 1949 that

separates her from her brother, her relationship with a cop-turned-bank robber and her senior life set in the present day. Budget $5m Financing to date $800,000 from Chang Tso-chi Studio The lowdown “This will be a film with a lot of commercial values and probably more dramatic elements than my previous films,” says Chang. “The Chinese civil war created big changes for many people’s lives and I want to talk about the difficulty humans have in handling their own fate under the tides of time. However, visually I want it to look cool and restrained, to contrast the drama and conflicts.” Contact Hsieh Hui-ching

SATRA (Phil) Dir Sheron Dayoc (pictured) Prods Sheron Dayoc, Diana Jean Cruz Synopsis The spirit world and real world are interwoven in the story of an ethnic ‘Yakan’ weaver,

who struggles to survive the violence as her Muslim Mindanaoan brothers fight for independence. Budget $600,000 Financing to date Development funding The lowdown “This is an explosive story as it deals with the decades-old Southern Philippines conflict, from a film-maker and production team who come from the region for authenticity,” says Dayoc, whose first feature Ways Of The Sea (Halaw), premiered in Busan’s New Currents last year and received a special mention from the NETPAC jury at Berlin. Contact Sheron Dayoc

SCARLET POPPY (Afg-India-US) Dir Peter Bussian (pictured) Prod Siddiq Barmak Cast Chris Messina, Celina Jaitley Synopsis A jaded US contractor in Afghanistan

becomes involved with a Pashtun widow, with almost inevitable consequences. Budget $2.4m Financing to date $1.2m raised by India’s Lotus Entertainment The lowdown Bussian, a film-maker who played the lead role in Barmak’s Opium War, describes the film as an exploration of Pashtun culture that is critical of US involvement in Afghanistan. “It’s a love story set against the backdrop of war — not a story about war — and this sets it apart when you look at Afghan-themed films.” Contact Peter Bussian

SILENT VISITOR (Jap) Dir Yonghi Yang (pictured) Prods Michael Kawamura, Junko Sato Synopsis A Japan-born Korean man returns home for the first time in 25 years for life-saving

medical treatment after repatriating to North Korea as a teenager. He reunites with family and friends but also has a secret assignment. Budget $1m Financing to date TBA The lowdown “Silent Visitor depicts the bonds of a family split between Japan and North Korea. Talent from both cultures assembled for the chance to work with Japan-born Korean director Yonghi Yang,” says producer Sato. Contact Noriko Akiyama

THE SLAVE GIRL (Can) Dir Julia Kwan (pictured) Prod Karen Lam Synopsis A young Chinese girl, who has been adopted and is conscious of her mother’s obsession to have a biological child, finds

companionship in an eerie visitor. Budget $1.5m-$2m Financing to date Development funding. The lowdown “This film tells a ghost story from a distinctly female perspective,” says Kwan. “It relies on mood and atmosphere rather than elaborate special effects to create tension.” This is the second narrative feature from Kwan, whose debut Eve And The Fire Horse won a special jury prize at Sundance in 2006. Contact Julia Kwan

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