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Broomsfield and Kingswood Council Our man Marc

PC MARC Pennicott, who has served for more than six years on the neighbourhood team, is the parish’s new rural officer. No-one had volunteered to

run the parish Neighbourhood Watch scheme following the resignation of the previous co- ordinator. The parish council would assist in the short term until a permanent replacement was appointed. Maintenance had been carried

out on the outdoor gym, includ- ing re-setting one item that should have been installed on a concrete pad. The assistant clerk reported increasing difficulty in access- ing the noticeboard outside the shop. On many occasions, due to the clutter on the forecourt, the board was inaccessible to pedestrians. The clerk would write to the shop owners. Following verbal and emailed complaints, the laurel hedge in Gravelly Bottom Road had been trimmed by KHS for safety rea- sons and the school warning sign was now visible. Complaints were still being re- ceived about overgrown hedges and foliage around the village. Letters were delivered to the properties concerned with fol- low-ups if they did not comply with previous requests. Forum and survey options

were to be added to the parish website and councillors would trial its use. Forty-eight people had at- tended the annual pensioners’ outing to Eastbourne and Michelham Priory. The sun had shone and the day had been en- joyed by all. A number of calls and emails had been received, thanking the parish council for organising the trip.

Crockery decision MEMBERS discussed purchas- ing new crockery for the pavil- ion to replace crockery broken through vandalism. Itwas noted that the crockery was currently used only once a year – for the Christmas party. As the primary school was quite happy to con- tinue to lend crockery for this event, the council would not purchase new crockery at this time. It was noted that this could be looked at again at a fu- ture date should it be war- ranted.

Chart Sutton Council

Thanks were given to Rod Harcourt for fixing problems with the leak and water tank at the pavilion on the morning of the fete. A parishioner commented on

an owner not clearing up dog waste and community warden Liz Lovatt advised that a dog

30 South

warden could enforce. A parishioner commented on

the poor state of the villagewith lack of weed control and verge cutting. This was blamed on cutbacks and it was suggested that parishioners should be en- couraged to write to Kent High- way Services to complain. Community warden Liz Lo-

vatt reported an incident of Cornwallis School pupils throwing coins from the top of a double decker bus, smashing a car windscreen. There had been a report of nuisance youths in Norton Road, and a red/orange trial bike was being sought in con- nection with this. There had been complaints

about anti-social behaviour in Lested Lane in the early hours. It was reported that the po- lice/PCSOs had rarely attended parish council meetings and community warden Lovatt agreed to mention it to PCSO Richard Chainey. Members agreed to replace the pavilion roof for £3,900 + VAT, which would include addi- tional cross pieces of wood to strengthen the roof structure, a new roof and gutter. All coun- cillors were in agreement that the roof should be replaced in the first instance and that any internal work should be carried out at a later date. Cllr Peter Forknall advised

that a new driveway and cara- van had been sited on land to the south of the Lord Raglan pub. The clerk was asked to write to planning enforcement in this regard. Cllr Waring reported that the village fete was attended by up to 500 people and £170 was taken on the gate. Maureen Fitzgerald was obtaining the final figures and proceeds would go towards the Christmas party. It was reported that the hedge

at TheMoorings was overgrown and it was dangerous when turning into PloughWents Road from Chart Corner. Cllr Forknall would speak to the owner with a view to getting the hedge cut.

Coxheath Council Speed controls

A MEETING was held with the PCSO and his supervisor to ex- plore options for police en- forcement of speed restrictions in Coxheath. New proposals for the traffic calming scheme would be dis- cussed with the KCC cabinet member during the summer of 2011.

Concerns would be registered

with Kent Highway Services over the speed with which high- ways maintenance issues are resolved. A number of services such as the resurfacing of Whitebeam Drive, would be pushed for urgent action.

The parish council is giving financial support to the Charl- ton Athletic community foot- ball programme in Coxheath over the summer holiday pe- riod, following the withdrawal of funding during that time by Maidstone Council. The parish council is to re-

spond in detail to a consultation exercise, managed by the De- partment of Communities and Local Government, on planning policies for sites for gypsies and travelling show people. The parish council agreed in principle to a grant to Coxheath Residents Village Hall. A final decision would be made in Au- gust once draft accounts for 2010/11 had been approved. The possibility of grants to enhance broadband speed in the area would be investigated. A response would be sent to Maidstone Council to support the continuation of Local Neighbourhood Forums beyond the projected one-year trial.

Village archives

East Farleigh Council

WITH the sale of theOld School Hall going ahead, the council agreed to contact the parochial church council about the re- moval of archives from the hall. The council was as yet unsure where it could store the mate- rial. It was felt that there was a

need for a speed survey to be carried out in the 30mph limit zone in Dean Street, as increas- ing numbers of motorists are driving too fast. Maintenance work had been

done at both play areas in the village and the swings at Gal- lants Lane had been jetwashed to remove bird droppings. Following a complaint that

dog mess was being put in the green frog bin at the Vicarage Lane play area, the council would look into putting a sign by the frog bin and placing a dog mess bin on the recreation area.

Borough Cllr JohnWilson dis- tributed copies of the petition to the Joint Transportation Board to protect East Farleigh bridge. The aim is to improve signage

on the approach roads, to con- struct physical barriers at the Station Hill/Lower Road junc- tion and at the Farleigh Hill/ Rectory Lane junction, and to get the bridge designated an an- cient monument. The council is supported by

Helen Grant MP, county, bor- ough and parish councillors and the East Farleigh Village Plan Action Group.

East Sutton Council Oil security

PCSO Siobhan De Burca ad- vised that oil thefts had prolif-

erated and encouraged owners to use defensive planting around oil tanks. Sensor plates in the floor could also be used but could be costly. Crime figures in the ward showed a 32% reduction on the same period last year, which was encouraging. A job description for a new

street sweeper would be drawn up for eight hours per fortnight. It was agreed that a gift be pur- chased for Amos and delivered by the chairman. The clerk was to determine

the trees covered by preserva- tion orders. It was agreed the council should remain vigilant to ensure no trees in the parish are lost.

Multiple potholes in Boyton

Court Road/Heniker Lane were due to be dealt with during July. Regarding a planning applica-

tion for the erection of a de- tached dwelling at Roundoak Farm, councillors had been in- vited to visit the site before making any submission. It had been brought to the council’s attention that the own- ers were advertising holidays on the site. It was queried whether a licence to run the site and planning permission for a permanent caravan were re- quired. The clerkwas to contact the borough licensing and en- forcement departments on these issues.

Saturday service THE vice-chairman was contin- uing to investigate the possibil- ity of funding to enable the 523 bus service to be maintained on a Saturday, but this was looking increasingly doubtful. The serv- ice to Headcorn would cease in July owing to the high cost. Awelcome pack had been de- livered to new tenants in Court View, Stonebridge Green, and additional new residents in The Street, Forge Lane and Wanden Lane.

Egerton Council Refurbishment or replace-

ment of the village sign would be considered at a later meeting. The new format of the parish assembly was a great success. It had been very positive to hear from so many village groups and it was hoped that even more could be encouraged to speak at future assemblies. Sheila Palmer was thanked for providing the refreshments. Councillors were concerned

about the alleged continued thwarting of planning regula- tions on theOld Byre site. In the event of further planning appli- cations, the council would ask for these to be referred to Ash- ford Council’s planning com- mittee for decision. A sub-committee would be formed to plan a village celebra- tion for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June 2012.

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