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ID goes to Temple ID Communications has taken worldwide distribution for feature documentary The World’s First Temple (Gobeklitepe) by Ahmet Turgut Yazman.

Ronal travels widely LevelK has sold 3D animation Ronal The Barbarian to Germany (MFA), China (HGC Entertainment), Poland (Kino Swiat), Turkey (Ozen), India (JRD Films), Bulgaria (Pro Films) and Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia (MCF).

Recreation joins DPS Los Angeles-based sales group Recreation Media has signed a deal with post-production laboratory Digital Post Services (DPS) to offer complete post funding for select projects.

NonStop seals Magic NonStop Sales has sold Norwegian 3D children’s feature Magic Silver 2 — The Quest Of The Mystic Horn to Flins Y Piniculas in Spain, EuroVideo in German-speaking territories and Cipta Mutu Entertainment in Indonesia. Beyond The Border has been sold to Flins Y Piniculas in Spain, Capelight in German- speaking territories, Aya Pro in Japan and Sidonis/ Megalys in France. The Women And Bergman and The Men And Bergman sold to Vertice for Spain, and Piggies has gone to BQHL for France.

Cineci t tà Luce at Cannes 2011: I tal ian Pavi l ion I n t e r n a t i o n a l V i l l a g e – S t a n d 1 3 2

UK indies tour US The Film Society of Lincoln Center, UK Film Council and Emerging Pictures are planning a tour of six UK indie films in 10 US cities in June and July. The titles are A Boy Called Dad, Africa United, In Our Name, Neds, Third Star and Toast.

Cinefile takes Oliver UK distribution company Cinefile have acquired theatrical rights to Ryan Redford’s Oliver Sherman.

n 4 Screen International at the Cannes Film Festival May 18, 2011 We Can’t Go Home Again

Ray’s restored Home gets Venice launch

BY WENDY MITCHELL A new restoration of Nicho- las Ray’s last feature film, We Can’t Go Home Again, will have its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival. The original film was

first screened in Cannes in 1973. This year marks the centenary of Ray’s birth. The digital restoration

was undertaken by Ray’s widow, Susan, and the

Nicholas Ray Foundation, in collaboration with the EYE Film Institute Netherlands and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Academy Film Archive. It includes the addition

of Ray’s own narration, an improvement to the sound- track using the original recordings and the removal of defects accumulated over the years.

London links up with Rio

BY GEOFFREY MACNAB Film London and Filme Rio-Rio Film Commission (FRRFC) have signed an agreement to develop the exchange of trade, talent and culture in their cities’ film industries. The partnership was

signed by David Parfitt, chairman of Film London, the capital’s film and media agency, and by Steve Solot, president of FRRFC, which is a joint venture by Rio de Janeiro’s state government and city hall. The agreement comes as

London prepares to pass on to Rio de Janeiro the role of hosting the Olympic Games in 2016, following the

Solot (far left) and Parfitt (far right)

London Olympics in 2012. UK director Julien Tem-

ple, who is due to start shooting Children of the Revolution in Rio in Sep- tember, was at the Cannes launch. He said: “Since vis- iting Rio with the Sex Pis- tols for The Great Rock And Roll Swindle in the late 70s, I’ve always wanted to make a film about the city.”

Sweden wants women

BY GEOFFREY MACNAB As part of a continuing effort to boost the profile of female directors, Swedish public funders and festival organisations are together launching a prize which will enable a fledgling director to direct a feature film. The Stockholm Interna-

t ional Fi lm Fest ival , together with the Swedish Film Institute, telecommu- nications company Telia, and Trade, the Swedish technical film production

association, are behind the initiative. The resulting film will premiere at the Stock- holm International Film Festival the following year. “We see an opportunity

to both encourage Swedish directing talent and pro- mote female film-makers,” says Git Scheynius, director of the Stockholm Interna- tional Film Festival. Application details will

be revealed in the summer, and the nominees will be shortlisted this autumn.

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