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into entering a dangerous trap. Un Certain Regard, press screening Salle Debussy

SAUNA ON MOON (China) Drama, 95mins. Dir: Zou Peng. Key cast: Wu Yuchi, Yang Xiaomin, Lei Ting, Zhan Yi. Critics’ Week Miramar

THE SILVER CLIFF (O ABISMO PRATEADO) (Brazil) Drama, 83mins. Dir: Karim Ainouz. Key cast: Alessandra Negrini, JR Otto Directors’ Fortnight Studio 13


PATER (France) Drama, 105mins. Dir: Alain Cavalier. Key cast: Vincent Londin An actor and a film- maker live both in the real world and in the fictional one they invent together. Competition Salle du Soixantieme


DES JEUNES GENS MODERNES (France) Documentary, 97mins. Dir: Jerome De Missolz. A veteran music critic meets a new wave of counter-culturalists in New York. Directors’ Fortnight Cinema Les Arcades 1

MELANCHOLIA (France) Drama, 130mins. Dir: Lars von Trier. Key cast: Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Rampling John Hurt, Keifer Sutherland. Competition Grand Theatre Lumiere


AVE See box, above

MELANCHOLIA (Denmark) Drama, 130mins. Trustnordisk.



(Bulgaria) Drama, 86mins. Le Pacte. Dir: Konstantin Bojanov. Key cast: Anjela Nedyalkova, Elena Rainova, Iossif Sarchadzhiev. While hitchhiking to the funeral of his art school friend, Kamen meets Ave, a 17-year-old runaway who is looking for her troubled brother. With each ride they hitch, Ave invents new identities for them and gets Kamen deeper and deeper into trouble. Reluctantly drawn into this adventure, Kamen begins to fall in love with her. Salle Bunuel

Dir: Lars Von Trier. Key cast: Kirsten Dunst, Kiefer Sutherland, Charlotte Gainsbourg. Lumiere


BLUE BIRD (Belgium) Drama, 86mins. Coproduction Office. Dir: Gust Van Den Berghe. Key cast: ‘Bafiokadiepotey, Tenepotey, Nanty Liberia Bani. Theatre Croisette

PARABOLES (MAFROUZA 5) (France) Documentary, 155mins. Shellac. Dir: Emmanuelle Demoris. Arcades 2


LIDICE (Czech Republic, US) Historical, 90mins. Fabrication Films. Dir: Petr Nikolaev. Key cast: Karel Roden, Zuzana Fialova. Lidice was an event and the horrific crime perpetrated upon Lidice was the result of a given situation. But the principles which led to it are ingrained in human motives and are valid today, whether it be in peace or war. Palais B



n 28 Screen International at the Cannes Film Festival May 18, 2011

75mins. Mexican Film Institute. Dir: Bernardo Arellano. Key cast: Arcelia Ramirez, Carmen Beato, Francisco Cruz. Francisco, a man with autism, resides secluded, ignored and locked away. He is a burden on his brothers and decides to flee into the forest. Astounded by its beauty, he soon discovers nature’s animosity. Palais F

CHILLAR PARTY (India) Children’s, 135mins. UTV Software Communication. Dir: Nitesh Tiwari, Vikas Bahl. They cannot vote. They cannot ride motorbikes. They cannot watch adult films. They are just kids. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have a voice of their own. Riviera 3

MAMA AFRICA (Germany) Documentary, 91mins. Fortissimo Films. Dir: Mika Kaurismäki. Key cast: Miriam Makeba, Hugh Masekela, Harry Belafonte. Miriam Makeba travelled with her powerful music around the world to spread her political message against racism and poverty and for

equality and peace. ‘Mama Africa’ is the homage to this recently deceased South African icon. Palais J

NADER & SIMIN: A SEPARATION (Iran) Drama, 123mins. Memento Films International (MFI). Dir: Asghar Farhadi. Key cast: Leila Hatami, Peyman Moadi, Shahab Hosseini. When his wife leaves him, Nader hires a young woman to take care of his suffering father. But he doesn’t know his new maid is not only pregnant but also working without her unstable husband’s permission. Soon, Nader finds himself entangled in a web of lies, manipulation and public confrontations. Riviera 1

THE SCENT OF RAIN IN THE BALKANS (Serbia) Drama, 100mins. Film Center Serbia. Dir: Ljubisa Samardzic. Key cast: Ljiljana Blagojevic, Predrag Ejdus, Mirka Vasiljevic. Based on Gordana Kuic’s novel of the same title, tells the story of the Sephardic family Salom in Sarajevo, in the period between two

World Wars. Father Leon, mother Estera, their five daughters and one son. As in June 1914 Sarajevo is getting ready to welcome the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the Salom family is occupied with the engagement of their daughter Buka and Daniel Papo, a young Sephardim working in the office of the Sarajevo Jewish Community. Gray 4

SHARKWISE (Belgium) Documentary, 80mins. Horizon Motion Pictures. Dir: Lieven Debrauwer. Extreme athlete and adventurer Marc Sluszny swims with sharks and shares their hidden world. Gray 2

SOUL MAN — TRAILER (France) Animation, 8mins. Blacklight Movies. Dir: Guillaume Ivernel. Set in an alternate world built on two levels, ‘Soul Man’ turns on a former Polish detective entangled in a shady multibillion- dollar biotech deal — the key to which is a baby girl the detective is asked to look after. Palais I

ZELAL (France) Documentary,

90mins. DOC & Film International. Dirs: Marianne Khoury, Mustapha Hasnaoui. A journey into the enclosed world of two of Cairo’s mental hospitals. Zelal draws us into the day- to-day life of ‘ordinary’ madmen and women. Palais D


A NOVEL ROMANCE (US) Romance, 100mins. New Films International. Dir: Allie Dvorin. Key cast: Shannon Elizabeth, Natalya Rudakova, Steve Guttenberg. Two New York singles move in together after one gets fired and the other loses her boyfriend tragically. They move in as friends and think nothing will change as friends, but everything does. Palais K

THE BENGALI DETECTIVE (UK) Documentary, 91mins. Entertainment One Films International. Dir: Phil Cox. Chubby, dance-obsessed private-detective Rajesh Ji and his motley band of helpers tackle poisonings, adultery and the occasional murder on the frenzied streets of Kolkata. Palais I

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