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FilmCouncil_Screen_Wed18May 16/5/11 17:54 Page 1 NEWS Magnet sees XYZ’s Rainbow

BY JEREMY KAY Magnet has picked up US rights and Mongrel Media has acquired Canadian rights from XYZ Films to Panos Cosmatos’ Beyond The Black Rainbow.




Making your first feature film: Do’s and don’ts


Industry professionals offer the advice you need to embark on making your first feature film. From developing your film to finding a distributor, this session will address the issues that you need to consider before taking the leap to feature film production.

Have you got what it takes? International co-production pitching panel

The Cannes Marché hosted its popular Doc Brunch yesterday at the Majestic. Pictured are Sundance Institute executive director Keri Putnam (far left) and Oli Harbottle from UK distributor Dogwoof (third from left), with the co-directors of BP oil-spill documentary The Big Fix, Rebecca and Josh Tickell.

eOne goes on Retreat 13.30-14.30

Open to all delegates. A chance to pitch your feature projects to a panel of funders, sales agents and financiers. The focus is on co-production ideas which have potential in the international market. Ten pre-selected filmmakers will make a four-minute verbal or showreel pitch. Moderated by Graham Benson, Chair, Screen South.

Without Borders: A teenager’s journey through film

Entertainment One has acquired French and Scandinavian rights to the UK psychological thriller Retreat. The deal was concluded by Jo Sweby for Entertainment One with

sales agent SC Films’ Simon Crowe on behalf of Quickfire Films. Thandie Newton and Cillian Murphy star in Carl Tibbetts’ debut. Sony has North America. Wendy Mitchell

Europa group raises voice 15.00-16.00

Short film screening: Things I Learned from Whoopi followed by a filmmaker discussion.

Young filmmakers Omri Bezalel, Pierre Katiyana, and Ismail Al Qaisie from Israel, Palestine and Rwanda, are involved in this ground-breaking British initiative, Films Without Borders. These aspiring filmmakers have risen to the challenge of opportunities to work with the Star Wars visionary George Lucas to Hollywood star Whoopi Goldberg. Their recent work resulted in a short film entitled Things I Learnt from Whoopi. The screening will be followed by a discussion with the filmmakers about their experiences being involved in this inspirational project.

TODAY’S 1-2-1 SURGERIES: Co-producing with the UK

MEDIA Desk UK Meet the BFI’s Film Fund

Director Joachim Trier (Oslo, 31.August Un Certain Regard) in conversation with Damon Wise, Contributing Editor, Empire magazine

UK Film Centre Pavilion No 120, Village International Telephone: 04 93 99 86 17. Open 09.00 - 18.00 n 2 Screen International at the Cannes Film Festival May 18, 2011

BY NANCY TARTAGLIONE The heads of the new Europa International organisation announced their objectives on Tuesday. The group of European sales agents includes repre- sentatives from 24 compa- nies across eight nations. The Match Factory’s

Michael Weber is president with Frederik Stege (Trust- Nordisk), Thorsten Schu- macher (HanWay) and Daniela Elstner (Doc & Film) as vice-presidents, with Nelleke Driessen (For- tissimo), Francois Yon (Films Distribution) and

10.45-12.45 11.00-13.00 12.00-15.00


Headhunters directed by Morten Tyldum — pictured (left) with author Jo Nesbo (centre) and actor Aksel Hennie — has been picked up for multiple territories. TrustNordisk has sold it to Spain (Alta), Russia (Big Movie), former Yugoslavia (Insomnia), Brazil (Mares), Romania (Independenta), Estonia (Estin) and the Czech Republic (Aerofilms).

Sasha Wieser (EastWest) as deputies. The Brussels-based

group said it planned to pool its strengths through exchanging business ideas and knowledge. Yon said the group’s first

objective was to “make sure our voice is heard in Brus- sels”. He pointed out the MEDIA programme allo- cates only $2.1m (¤1.5m) between 35 companies and the group aims to get that increased for the next fund- ing round in 2014. A training programme will also be launched.

Showbox sails with Sea sales

BYLIZ SHACKLETON South Korea’s Showbox has sold Na Hong-jin’s The Yel- low Sea (aka The Murderer) to NonStop Entertainment for Scandinavian and Baltic territories and to Klock- worx for Japan. The thril ler, which

screens tonight in Un Cer- tain Regard, has also gone to Bounty Entertainment for the UK, Australia and New Zealand. NonStop bought rights for Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Nor- way, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Showbox is also in talks

for Spain, and the film previously sold to Wild Side for French-speaking territories. Showbox has also closed

a deal on Song Il-gon’s romantic drama Always, which went to Pony Can- yon for Japan. Showbox sold Jang

Hun’s $12m war movie The Front Line, scheduled for South Korean release this summer, to KSM for Ger- many, Austria and Ger- man-speaking Switzerland and Luxembourg. Kim Tae-kyung’s horror

Geoffrey Macnab

film Don’t Click went to a string of Asian territories, including InnoForm for Singapore and Malaysia, CatchPlay for Taiwan and Queen International Pic- tures for Indonesia.

The sci-fi thriller, set in a

futuristic 1983, premiered in Tribeca last month and will get theatrical releases in both markets. XYZ’s Nate Bolotin bro- kered the deal on behalf of

producers Oliver Linsley and Christya Nordstokke with Peter Van Steemburg for Magnet and Mongrel’s Andrew Frank. Elephant Eye holds international rights.

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