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A CAT IN PARIS (France) 70mins. Films Distribution. Dir: Alain Gagnol, Jean-Loup Felicioli. Dino the cat leads a double life. By day he’s a pet to Zoe, a young girl who has plunged herself into silence following her father’s murder at the hands of the gangster Costa. By night he’s the right- hand man to Nico, a kindly burglar. Zoe’s mother Jeanne is also a dedicated cop, and when Dino brings the young girl a stolen bracelet, events conspire to pull the four together. Agnes b. CINEMA! Hong Kong Arts Centre

WE ARE WHAT WE ARE (France) Horror, 90mins. Wild Bunch. Dir: Jorge Michel Grau. Key cast: Francisco Barreiro, Alan Chevez, Paulina Gayton. A family is forsaken when the father dies. Meeting room N101B, HKCEC



(Singapore) 99mins. MediaCorp Raintree Pictures. Dir: Kelvin Tong. Set in Singapore’s legendary amusement park Great World, the film starts off with a young fashion photographer bringing a set of old photographs taken by her mother to an old man who might have connections to the people in the photographs. The old man then proceeds to tell four different stories based on each photograph, each story set in a different generation. Agnes b. CINEMA! Hong Kong Arts Centre

KISS ME AGAIN (Italy) Drama, 139mins. Fandango. Dir: Gabriele Muccino. Key cast: Stefano Accorsi, Vittoria

Puccini, Pierfrancesco Favino. The original cast of Gabriele Muccino’s ‘The Last Kiss’ are reunited after 10 years as they are approaching their 40s with some regrets. Carlo and his friends, now married (or separated) with kids and mortgages to cover, strengthen their bonds, discover new relationships, and rekindle old passions in their search for enduring love. Meeting room N204-N205, HKCEC


HOW ARE YOU DOING, RUDOLF MING? (Latvia) Animation, Documentary, 60mins. Rija Films. Dir: Ruberts Rubins. Rudolf is a 13-year-old boy who is obsessed with film-making — it is the only thing he really likes. The film shows the conflict between the imaginary world of the boy and the society surrounding him. Meeting room N206-N207, HKCEC


ECLAIR (Japan) Drama, 95mins. Dir: Akio Kondo. Key

n 18 Screen International at Filmart/HAF/HKIFF March 23, 2011

cast: Hajime Yoshii, Ayumi Ishida, Ryuzo Hayashi. During the Second World War, there were very few sweets in Japan. This is a story of an orphan who survived the difficult time encouraged by the kindhearted people and the memory of sweets. Meeting room N111-N112, HKCEC


LITTLE GHOSTLY ADVENTURES OF THE TOFU BOY (Japan) 100mins. Eleven Arts. Dir: Sugii Gisaburo, Kawahara Shimmei. Key cast: Fukada Kyoko. Meeting room N104-N105, HKCEC

OLD DOG (China) 92mins. Dir: Pema Tseden. Key cast: Lochey, Drolma Kyab, Tamdrin Tso. The old dog in question is a scruffy nomad mastiff that Gonpo’s family has owned for years. But as many dogs in their village have been stolen recently, Gonpo decides to sell him. When his father finds out and tries to get the dog back, it sets off a chain of tragicomic events.

Meeting room N202-N203, HKCEC

SATURDAY KILLER (Thailand) 60mins. Meeting room N109-N110, HKCEC

VANISHED: AGE 7 (Japan) Horror, 82mins. SDP, Inc. Dir: Ryuta Miyake. Key cast: Kyoko Hinami, Rin Asuka, Nanami Fujimoto. Teenager Mayu hasn’t opened her heart to anyone since a terrible event 10 years ago. Instead of going to high school, she goes to church and looks for redemption. One day she disappears in the woods. On the other side, Mana lives with her husband and her seven- year-old daughter in happiness. Meeting room N211-N212, HKCEC


CURRY CLAYPOT KILLER (Hong Kong) 90mins. Meeting room N102-N103, HKCEC

DAM999 108mins. BizTV Network. By invitation only. For entry, e-mail

Shyam.kurup@ Meeting room N209-N210, HKCEC


A CAT IN PARIS See box, above

COME RAIN COME SHINE (Korea) 105mins. Fortissimo Films. Dir: Lee Yoon-ki. Key cast: Lim Su-jeong, Hyun Bin. After three years together, a woman tells a man she is leaving him for someone else. They spend their last housebound day together and though neither makes any attempt at reconciliation, the shared memories in evidence around them and a series of innocuous events — a lost cat, unexpected guests, preparing a meal — rekindles long-dormant feelings and forces her into reconsideration. Theatre 2, HKCEC


IFVA —FOOLLEE (Hong Kong) 9mins. Dir: John Chan. The romance between a little beggar and a girl. Meeting room N204-N205, HKCEC

IFVA —FOUL BALL (Hong Kong) 2mins. Dir: Yuen Kin-to. Meeting room N204-N205, HKCEC

IFVA —INTO THE AIR’S MEMORY (Hong Kong) 8mins. Dir: Yu Ka-ho, Albert. Meeting room N204-N205, HKCEC

IFVA —THE CHRONICLE OF A DRAWING; THE FOOTPRINTS OF TIME (Hong Kong) 10mins. Dir: George Cheuk-hin Wong. Meeting room N204-N205, HKCEC

IFVA —THE HOLE (Hong Kong) 3mins. Dir: Cherry Leong Suet- Yan. Meeting room N204-N205, HKCEC

IFVA —VERY FANTASTIC (Hong Kong) 8mins. Dir: Stella So. Meeting room N204-N205, HKCEC

IFVA — YIM (Hong Kong) 6mins. Dir: Chui Chun-yu, Chan Wai-yee. Meeting room N204-N205, HKCEC

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