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THE ALBANIAN (Germany) Drama, 101mins. Aktis Film International. Dir: Johannes Naber. Key cast: Nik Xhelilaj, Xhejlane Terbunja, Ivan Shvedoff, Amos Zaharia. The dark side of the European Dream… Where no-one looks and no-one cares. Where exile, loneliness and money prevail. This is the story of Arben, ‘the Albanian’, who leaves the poorest country in Europe for the richest. He needs money to marry his pregnant girlfriend and obey the rules of his people. But the Eldorado has its own rules, it is not welcoming to strangers and only the strongest survive. Meeting room N109-N110, HKCEC

LOOSE CANNONS (Italy) Comedy, 116mins. Fandango. Dir: Ferzan Ozpetek. Key cast: Riccardo Scamarcio, Nicole Grimaudo, Alessandro Preziosi. Tommaso, an aspiring writer, is the youngest child in the large, eccentric family who own a pasta factory in Puglia. He has come home from Rome for an important family dinner at which his father will hand over the management of the factory to him and his brother. Determined to assert his own personal choices, Tommaso plans to announce at the dinner that he is gay. Meeting room N204-N205, HKCEC

MYSTERIES OF LISBON (Portugal) 272mins. Alfama Films. Dir: Raoul Ruiz. Key cast: Adriano Luz, Maria Joao Bastos, Ricardo Pereira. Complex yet effortlessly told, Ruiz here showcases

VIVA RIVA (Congo) 96mins. Beta Film. Dir: Djo Tunda Wa Munga. Key cast: Patsha Bay, Manie Malone, Hoji Fortuna. The playboy Riva is a rogue who is chased by Angolans after stealing a cache of gas. But once he lays eyes on the sensuous Nora, he sets himself a most unattainable goal. A tale full of desires, double- crossings and delicious danger. Agnes b. CINEMA! Hong Kong Arts Centre

11:30AM 10:00AM

20 CIGARETTES (Italy) Action/ Adventure, Drama, 94mins. Intramovies. Dir: Aureliano Amadei. Key cast: Vinicio Marchioni, Carolina Crescentini, Giorgio Colangeli. Aureliano, a 28-year-old anarchist and anti-war activist with a passion for cinema, receives an

his mastery of storytelling by weaving a 19th century tale involving a teenage boy and his secret lineage, an embittered French heiress seeking revenge and a padre of an orphanage who switches identities. Meeting room N102-N103, HKCEC

THE RED ROOM (Germany) Romance, 100mins. Aktis Film International. Dir: Rudolf Thome. Key cast: Katharina Lorenz, Seyneb Saleh, Peter Knaack. Kiss researcher Fred investigates what happens in the human organism during kissing. But when he meets Sibil and Luzie, he falls in love with both of them. Meeting room N209-N210, HKCEC

n 16 Screen International at Filmart/HAF/HKIFF March 23, 2011

offer in Iraq as assistant director on a film about the Italian military peace mission. The witness and victim of the attack on the Italian army barracks in Nassiriya on November 12 2003, he becomes an accidental hero. Meeting room N211-N212, HKCEC

TOGETHER (Hong Kong) Documentary, 83mins. Edko Films. Dir: Zhao Liang. A touching exploration of the lives of Aids patients in China. Though some are featured as actors in Gu Changwei’s fictionalised tale, their stories are real and poignant. Meeting room N111-N112, HKCEC


20 CIGARETTES See box, above

A FILM PRODUCTION PROJECT FOR YOUNG FILM- MAKERS, SECTION 1 (Japan) Romantic, Drama, Sci-fi, 75mins. Unijapan. Dir: Abe Saori, Takahashi Nazuki, Izuki Hajime, Tazaki Megumi, Kimura Ariko, Kobayashi Gaku.

Short-film producing project for new Japanese directors. Meeting room N206-N207, HKCEC

BUDDHA MOUNTAIN (China) 105mins. Laurel Films. Dir: Li Yu. Key cast: Sylvia Chang, Fan Bing Bing, Chen Po Lin. Three aimless friends buck parental and societal expectation by skipping university and striking out on their own. They rent rooms from retired Peking Opera singer Yue Qin. Theatre 1, HKCEC

INSEPARABLE (China) 97mins. Colordance Pictures. Dir: Dayyan Eng. Key cast: Kevin Spacey, Daniel Wu, Gong Beibi. Tells the plot-twisting story of Li, a burnt-out engineer at a high-tech prosthetic company, who has recently endured several tragic events in his life. The movie opens as we see Li trying to commit suicide; fortunately, this is interrupted by Chuck, an American expat. The two become friends and Chuck takes Li under his wing and gradually helps him with his troubles at work, with life in general and his relationship woes with his wife.

Meeting room N202-N203, HKCEC

LEILA (France) Romantic comedy, 87mins. Mars Distribution. Dir: Audrey Estrougo. Key cast: Leila Bekhti, Benjamin Siksou, Cecile Cassel. Gab, a young slacker from a wealthy Parisian family, falls passionately for Leila, a beautiful French Arab law student deeply engaged in the struggle of illegal immigrants. Their love grows, despite all opposition from a society that will do everything in its power to keep them apart. Theatre 2, HKCEC

TOMBOY (France) Drama, 80mins. Films Distribution. Dir: Celine Sciamma. Key cast: Zoe Heran, Malonn Levana, Jeanne Disson. Laure is moving into a new neighbourhood with her little sister. Because she is in need of new friends and does not know anybody, Laure decides to dress as a boy. She meets Lisa and they become close. But Lisa does not know her new best friend is actually a girl. Meeting room N104-N105, HKCEC

A FILM PRODUCTION PROJECT FOR YOUNG FILM- MAKERS, SECTION 2 (Japan) Action/ Adventure, Drama, Horror, 75mins. Dir: Kataoka Shoh, Hirohara Satoru, Yamakawa Kohei, Yoshino Kohei, James Mcfay. Meeting room N206-N207, HKCEC

HOW MUCH DOES YOUR BUILDINGWEIGHT, MR FOSTER? (Spain) 78mins. Latido Films. Dir: Carlos Carcas, Norberto Lopez Amado. Lord Norman Foster is someone who needs few introductions in Hong Kong, where one of his most celebrated designs, the HSBC Main Building, stands. This sumptuously shot documentary traces his origins, from humble beginnings to planning Masdar — the world’s first city powered by renewable energy sources. Meeting room N111-N112, HKCEC


NYMAN IN PROGRESS (Germany) Documentary, 80min. Aktis Film International. Dir: Silvia Beck. Key cast: Michael Nyman, Volker Schlondorff, Steve Reich. A portrait of Michael Nyman, the famous film- score composer. It shows Nyman the musician in his concerts with the Michael Nyman Band and live collaborations with other

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