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internationally known artists. Meeting room N109-N110, HKCEC


(Philippines) Drama, 115mins. Cinemabuhay. Dir: Alberto P Martinez. Key cast: Jennilyn Mercado, Yul Servo, Dennis Trillo. The saga of Rosario, a young and liberated Filipina in the 1920s who has just arrived from New York, and is spending her vacation in their hacienda. There, she meets and falls in love with Vicente, an older man who manages the tobacco plantation owned by Rosario’s family. Meeting room N209-N210, HKCEC


THE CATCHER ON THE SHORE (Japan) 84mins. Sugar Train Inc. Meeting room N211-N212, HKCEC

DISTANT NEIGHBORHOOD (France) Drama, 99mins. Wild Bunch. Dir: Sam Garbarski. Key cast: Pascal Greggory, Jonathan Zaccai, Alexandra Maria Lara. Based on the classic manga by Jiro Taniguchi. Meeting room N101B, HKCEC

HONEY PUPU See box, right

LITTLE GHOSTLY ADVENTURES OF THE TOFU BOY (Japan) 100mins. Eleven Arts. Dir: Sugii Gisaburo, Kawahara Shimmei. Key cast: Fukada Kyoko. The Tofu Boy has a heart of gold and courageous spirit. He embarks on a larger-than-life adventure which takes him and his friends across the spiritual realm and into the human world, where they meet a host of weird foes and true friends. Meeting room N104-N105, HKCEC

SPINY LIFE 3D (Hong Kong) Animation,

30mins. Infotainment China Media. Dir: James Huang. Meeting room N202-N203, HKCEC


FLYPAPER (US) Comedy, 80mins. Dir: Rob Minkoff. Key cast: Patrick Dempsey, Ashley Judd. Tripp Kennedy ambles into a bank near closing time, just as two different gangs unwittingly converge to rob it. A shoot-out begins and Tripp tackles the smart, pretty teller Kaitlin to protect her. The gangs — one clearly professionals and the other a couple of buffoons — find themselves in a Mexican standoff. The bank’s security system starts the end-of-day lockdown and seals everyone in the building. As the night evolves, a hilarious game of cat and mouse ensues as Tripp and Kaitlin try to save the day. Meeting room N204-N205, HKCEC


PUNISHED (Hong Kong) 94mins. Media Asia Distribution. Dir: Lo Wing-Cheong. Key cast: Antony Wong, Richie Jen. The tycoon is a tyrant who terrorises both

family and staff, the only exception being his loyal bodyguard. The tycoon’s punishment begins with his good-for-nothing daughter being abducted, and then killed by cold- blooded kidnappers. Grief-stricken and guilt- ridden, he turns to his bodyguard, a man with a history and therefore underworld connections, to avenge his daughter’s death. Theatre 1, HKCEC

SKY FIGHTERS (China) Action/ Adventure, War, 90mins. August First Film Studio. Dir: Ning Haiqiang. Key cast: Wang Ban, Li Guangjie, Huang Yi, Hu Ke, Zhu Xinyun. Yuetian Long is not only a commander but also a combatant who wants and dares to fight a war. Meeting room N202-N203, HKCEC


MINDFULNESS AND MURDER (Thailand) Drama, 90mins. Dir: Tom Waller. Key cast: Vithaya Pansringarm, Prinya Intachai, Charina Sirisinha. When the body of a murdered young man is found in a temple in Bangkok, the police

do little to investigate, leaving Father Ananda, an ex-cop turned Buddhist monk, to solve the crime. Meeting room N206-N207, HKCEC


WASAO (Japan) Drama, 116mins. Toei Company. Dir: Yoshinari Nishikori. Key cast: Hiroko Yakushimaru, Wasao Kikuya. A heart-warming story of the busakawa-ken (which means an ugly but cute dog) Wasao, as furry as a lion’s mane, and the people around him in the northern land of Aomori. Meeting room N111-N112, HKCEC


GOKKI LOVE STORY, HELLBEAR (Thailand) Animation, 30mins. GBOX Studio Co. Dir: Pitipong Netkeaw. A story about love and the fight between a humble cockroach named Gokki and Hirari. Gokki expects to win Hirari’s heart, but their love is not as easy as he thought. The story revolves around friendship and the love that Gokki has to choose. Meeting room N109-N110, HKCEC


A SONG OF GONDOLA (Japan) 99mins. Sugar Train Inc. Meeting room N211-N212, HKCEC

THE LEDGE (US) 97mins. Dir: Matthew Chapman. Key cast: Liv Tyler, Charlie Hunnam, Patrick Wilson. With time running out, Gavin claims he must jump from the ledge where he is perched. A cop is called in to investigate. We soon learn that Gavin’s lover, Shana, has been taken hostage by her husband and is forcing Gavin to choose between his life or hers. With one hour left, the cop must race to find out the truth. Meeting room N104-N105, HKCEC

MIRCH (India) Romantic comedy, 117mins. Reliance Pictures. Dir: Vinay Shukla. Key cast: Konkona Sen Sharma, Raima Sen, Boman Irani. Meeting room N209-N210, HKCEC


@FIRST SITE (Thailand) Romantic comedy, 90mins. Saga Studio, Right Beyond

Co. Dir: Kullachat Jitcajonwanich. Key cast: Voonsen Virithipa Pakdeeprasong, Kelly Rattapong Thanapat, Howard Wang. Meeting room N109-N110, HKCEC

DEATH AND GLORY IN CHANGDE (China) 85mins. Hunan Chucheng Film Culture Production Co. Dir: Shen Dong. Key cast: Lv Liangwei, An Yixuan, Yuan Wenkang. Meeting room N202-N203, HKCEC

LAST ROMANCE (Hong Kong) 100mins. Dir: Yon Fan. Key cast: Maggie Cheung, Cherie Chung, Tsurumi Shingo. Two girls, Nancy and So So, become best friends. Their goals may be different, but when they meet a Mandarin- speaking boy, both are equally smitten. Theatre 2, HKCEC

LITTLE GHOSTLY ADVENTURES OF THE TOFU BOY (Japan) 100mins. Eleven Arts. Dir: Sugii Gisaburo, Kawahara Shimmei. Key cast: Fukada Kyoko. Meeting room N102-N103, HKCEC


HONEY PUPU (Taiwan) 100mins. Good Films Workshop. Dir: Chen Hung-i. Key cast: Tseng Pei-yu, Chiu Sheng-yi, Lin Chen-shi. The world of cyberspace and reality become ever more intertwined, and youths now communicate using their internet names. So when Dog goes missing, Vicky comes across a group of cyber dwellers who might be able to find her love. Meanwhile, the honeybee population is slowly disappearing… Theatre 2, HKCEC

March 23, 2011 Screen International at Filmart/HAF/HKIFF 17 n


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