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MTID continues to publish top quality research, with 14 published and forthcoming books and book chapters, 31 published and forthcoming journal articles, and 17 discussion papers. In 2010, an article co-authored by Maximo Torero was published in the Quarterly Journal of Economics, which consistently ranks among top journals in economics with the highest number of citations. Ruth Vargas Hill was featured in American Journal of Agricultural Economics for her paper on ―Investment and Abandonment Behavior of Rural Households: An Empirical Investigation.‖ David Laborde and Antoine Bouet were featured in The World Economy for their paper entitled ―Why is the Doha Development Agenda Failing? And What Can be Done? A Computable General Equilibrium- Game Theoretical Approach.‖ A paper by Carlos Martins- Filho and F. Yao, ―Nonparametric Regression Estimation with General Parametric Error Covariance,‖ was published in the Journal of Multivariate Analysis. In addition, a book edited by David Orden on WTO disciplines on agricultural support was accepted for publication by the Cambridge University Press and received outstanding reviews from luminaries such as New Zealand Trade Minister and former Chair of the Doha Agriculture Negotiations; former Commissioner for Agriculture, European Union; Chief Economist, US Department of Agriculture and former US Special Doha Agricultural Envoy; former OECD Director for Trade and Agriculture; former Chair of theWTO Committee on Agriculture.

2010 Budget

The 2010 restricted expenditures reached US$ 8.04 million. This budget covered 78 projects, up from 61 in 2009. The scope of these projects varies; some focus on individual countries, some take a regional approach, and others are global without a specific regional or country focus. The highest share of the 2010 budget went to projects focusing on Africa (55%), followed by projects with a global focus (23%), Latin America (12%), and lastly Asia (10%).

1,813,557.05 Global

1,035,858.88 LAC

806,387.05 Asia

4,388,381.28 Africa

Subtheme 2.1‘s ongoing research on biofuels has played an important role in public debate in the European Union. The report prepared for the EC has generated extensive media coverage and was one of the four documents (the only one not produced by an EC branch) included in the official public consultation gathering of all EU stakeholders. Due to the importance of the issue, this research has also been involved in a lawsuit launched by different NGOs against the EC on the basis of information transparency regulation.

The conference entitled "Fostering Growth and Reducing Poverty and Hunger in Asia and Latin America: Opportunities for Mutual Learning" organized by MTID in Lima, Peru in March 2010 received extensive local media coverage, including radio and television interviews with Maximo Torero on Radio Capital, La Hora N TV, El Comercio, and Radio Programas de Peru.

MTID‘s work on food prices has been especially highlighted in 2010. Program researchers were quoted extensively in multiple articles by the New York Times, Financial Times, Washington Post, and the Economist. Maximo Torero and Manuel Hernandez appeared in several interviews to discuss food prices, including on the renowned Diane Rehm Show (USA), BBC World News America, BBC Radio, Radio Australia, Australian Broadcasting Corporation , Radio France Internationale, and Latin America Service.


Subtheme 2.1:Globalization andMarkets Both research and capacity building activities of Subtheme 2.1 have been influential. An Advanced Training in Trade Policy Modeling was organized in Rabat, Morocco in March of 2010 and was followed by an online support program designed to help the trainees integrate their new skills and tools in their work. The participants were civil servants within the Ministry of Agriculture and the Office of Cereals in Morocco. Capacity building activities also continued in Pakistan. Collaborative works with PITAD (Pakistan Institute on Trade and Development) have been pursued and two researchers have visited the Subtheme 2.1 team to improve their skills on the MIRAGE computable general equilibrium

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