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ROCKING THE BODY Gary Olsen Massage Teacher 520-449-2128

Gary creates a safe and nurturing massage space for your body mind and spirit. Using Rocking, Myofascial Unwinding, Cranio- Sacral Therapy, EFT, and Neuromuscular Therapy can help you decrease pain, increase range of motion and improve overall well-being. See ad page 32.

SANTA RITA SPRINGS Dorothy Richmond, LMT Aquatic Massage, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Cranial Sacral, Watsu 520-622-4201 • 520-990-1857

Aquatic Massage, or Watsu®, immerses the body in 96 degree warm water, using flowing wavelike movement and the water’s resistance to stretch and free joints, muscles, connective tissue, and nerves while your

therapist keeps your nose above water. Wave patterns of energy release tension into the flow and regenerate tissue. Deep relaxation frees the mind. See ad page 32.

THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE ESSENTIALS Jennifer Howes Lunt, LMT 520-409-2031

Promot ing Harmony and Balance to Individuals Seeking Wellness. Jennifer specializes in Prenatal Massage, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hydrotherapy and Injury Management. Go to therapeuticmassageessentials.

com for baby shower gift ideas, holiday specials and gift certificates. See ad page 32.


GAIN CONTROL OF YOUR ACCOUNTING & FINANCES GET ORGANIZED AND GET RELIEF Viviane Thompson, CPA, PLLC QuickBooks ProAdvisor 520-822-8208 520-481-8015


Expert business advice gained from over 17 years of experi- ence. QuickBooks set up, training, clean up and catch-up. Monthly bookkeeping services and payroll. Tax services for businesses and families. Free one hour consultation. See ad page 8.


GREEN GEEKS twitter@greengeeks 520-770-1200

Green Geeks is a full service Internet hosting, design and technology consultancy. We study how people adapt to change, and have helped clients “break out of the box” and discover new ways of using technology since 1994.


WINTERHAVEN HEALTH CENTER Dr Nathan Conlee 3020 North Country Club Rd., 87516 520-322-6161

Dr. Conlee, Chiropractor Neurologist, diagnoses and treats such conditions as Dystonia, ADHD, Peripheral Neuropathy, vertigo, migraine headaches, balance disorders, numbness, tingling, Irritable

Bowel Syndrome and other conditions related to neurologic function. Also available: acupunc- ture, physiotherapy, kinesiotape, nutrition and allergy testing. See ad page 13.


ARMORLESS BODY THERAPIES Radix Practitioner Randy Usem, LMT Campbell & Grant 520-312-9563

Affordable alternative or addition to traditional therapy. Radix is a Neo-Reichian, Deep Feeling, Regressive Process similar to Bio-energetics and Primal Ther- apy. Exploring with breath, body awareness, centering and ground- ing to access anger, fear, grief,

longing and restore love, trust, pleasure, fulfill- ment and aliveness. See ad page 32.

LET’S TALK! Ashley Hodgell M.A., Clinical Psychology Solution-Focused Therapy 520-742-4582 If you have unwanted issues filling your thoughts, relationship patterns that resist change or feelings of being “less than”, let’s talk. Through deep listening and creating new thought patterns, we can explore old territory and find a new way out.

CERTIFIED LIFE COACH Jan O’Kelley, MA 520-955-2716

Is your life going the way you want it to? Are you filled with a joyous sense of purpose? Do you have a clear sense of your direction? At one time or another, most of us need a coach to help us clarify our goals, to help us find the means for

achieving them, and to hold us accountable for the necessary action steps. Jan specializes in clients who have a spiritual basis for their lives. Call for more information.


Get clear about what you want and how to achieve it, with support and guidance on your journey. Through deep listening, powerful questions, and my practical and spiritual approach you will unveil your heart’s desire and live your dreams. See ad page 32.

HEALTHY COUPLES Bill White, M.A., Love Coach 520-319-9132

Are you arguing, fighting, or not talking? Is your relationship about to end? Bill is a master at n a v i g a t i n g r e l a t i o n s h i p challenges and restoring love and play. You will get quick and dramatic results. Call for an initial interview.

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