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We have been receiving quite a bit of mail since the release of our first issue and we welcome and appreciate your comments. Here are a few examples of what our readers had to say:

“Fabulous mag. Have linked it up with the Sculptors Association of Alberta website as well as our Facebook page…and a few other Art Groups here in Alberta. Keep up the great work! I look forward to seeing more of this magazine.”

Erin Topshee-DiLoreto Edmonton, Alberta

------------------------------------------------ Hi Jock

My grand idea of creating an all Canadian National Sculpture Summit/Symposium is still in its infant stages. If you would like further information about this project, I can send you a copy of a Canada wide survey that I sent last April to some sculptors.

(Perhaps) we can discuss over the phone/ email how the magazine may connect all the sculptors from across Canada etc. Cheers

James Fletcher Ottawa, Ontario

Great idea - and one we at SculpturesPacific are thinking about as well. Please sent us your thoughts and we will share them with James.

------------------------------------------------ Dear editor:

I was very excited to see the magazine you are producing.

I am a Haida wood sculptor. I am attending the Freda Diesing School of Art at Northwest Community College in Terrace, BC. I don’t know if you know anything about it but it may be something

you want to look at for your magazine. My instructors are world renowned sculptors Dempsey Bob, Stan Bevan, and Ken McNeil. We are in a two year diploma program. This is the only traditionally taught acredited program of Northwest Coast First Nations art. I have just completed my first year and have just started second year.

Dempsey Bob has not just a passion for doing the art with 40 plus years of experience...but he has a passion for teaching the art of wood carving and northwest coast design to other First Nations artists. This course changes lives. I am sure Dempsey Bob knows more about our west coast First Nations art than any other artist on the coast. He studies and reads about all other kinds of sculpture and art and encourages us to do the same thing. I am so grateful to be here and have this opportunity, and I think the school and the instructors...and the positive atmosphere they have created in our carving shop would be a great story for your magazine.

It is wonderful to see your magazine... looking forward to more. Respectfully,

Carol Young Terrace, British Columbia

As you can see in this edition, we also thought this was something of great value – not only to First Nations carvers, but to the sculpture community as a whole. ------------------------------------------------

Hi Jock...congratulations on the magazine! Great article! You did a fantastic job of explaining the 3D processes.

John Mallory

3-D Custom Foam Inc. Burnaby BC

------------------------------------------------ Dear Editor

I kept clicking on the note to subscribe by clicking on that link and nothing happened...granted I’m a better sculptor than computer could you please enter me on your subscription list...thanks; it looks good from what I saw...I’m excited to have this. Mostly work in stone...self taught 20 years ago...been selling since people saw what I was doing and asked to in art education but stone wasn’t taught at Illinois State where I went…

Again many thanks.

Annie Pasikov Lyons, Colorado

Thanks for your note, Annie. You probably have to hold your control button down and then click, but we’ll make sure you’re on the list.


* Letters to the editor are appreciated but may be edited for brevity and clarity.


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