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Hengstler GmbH has signed an agreement to license

The World’s Most Popular Parking Space Barriers


World-wide, unauthorized use of individual parking spaces is prevented by MySpot™ barriers. This is the place to start when you want to save spaces and soothe tempers.

NEW alone makes the MySpotTM

MySpot™ 30 – Appearance 30 an

imposing deterrent. When unlocked by an authorized user, this rugged, horse- shoe-shaped barrier folds to the ground with light foot pressure, locking into place. Light pressure on a pedal activates the unit, which rises under its own power to the vertical locked position.

NEW MySpot 30 MySpot™ 200 – A highly effective

barrier is controlled from vehicles by a hand-held transmitter. It is surface mounted, requiring no wiring because it is powered by a vehicle’s weight. Its rugged design resists forced entry attempts.

MySpot 200 MySpot™ 120 –

Locked by an authorized user into its upright position, this low-cost, key-operated bollard keeps intruders out. Easily installed, it yields to impact, then springs upright again. Lies flat when unlocked.


Snow Dragon has introduced the SND580, the first

snowmelter to date that can be used on the top deck of a parking garage. The purpose of the SND580 design is to put a snowmelter in the marketplace that can be used for standard snowmelting applications, such as shopping plazas and parking lots, as well as on the top deck of structures. Before

the SND580, no mobile snowmelter had the size and weight ability to be operated on these structures. For more information, log on to, and click on Magazine and then New Products.

two-sided thermal printing technology from NCR Corp. This license allows it to make, use and sell two-sided thermal printers under NCR’s intellectual property worldwide to customers for its banking, transportation, gas dispensing and kiosk applications. “As a worldwide leader of thermal printing solutions, we at Hengstler are excited to be able to offer this innovative new printing technology to our customers,”

said Jochen Feiler, Vice President of its Global Business Unit Core Products. For more information, log on to, and click on Magazine and then New Products.


Sioux Corp., a leading supplier of steam generators,

has introduced a waste-oil burner option to its line. Waste-oil, if readily available, is an option to eliminate fuel costs while providing hot water or steam for your operation. The waste-oil Steam-Flo produces 345 lbs. of saturated steam per hour and burns 2.9 gallons per hour of waste-oil. Its generators are often used in commercial greenhouses, precast concrete, ready mix concrete plants and industrial applications including closed-loop heating systems, heating steam jackets, and thawing pipes and valves.

For more information, log on to, and click on Magazine and then New Products.


MySpot 120

Contact us today for additional information and prices. MySpot™: The choice for secure protection.

Designated Parking


10 Ridge Road West Orange, NJ 07052 Tel: 1.973.669.8214  Fax: 1.973.669.5161 e-mail: 

32 Pacific Cascade / The Parking Zone has added a

new fixed-base bollard to its Gorilla Post line. Featuring Impact Recovery’s durable fixed base, the Kong Bollard is designed to be the perfect low-cost solution for flexible bollards within parking lots, warehouses and parking structures. The flexible 7” diameter bollard system yields when impacted by a vehicle, reducing damage to the offending vehicle and the bollard itself.

For more information, log on to, and click on Magazine and then New Products.


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