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TomCarter Named President and COO of The Toledo Ticket

Company The Toledo Ticket Company is proud to announce that

Thomas L Carter,Vice-President of The Toledo Ticket Com- pany, has been promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer.Tomjoined the firmin 1997. Working side-by-side with his father, and brother Roy-

Grant, PlantManager, Tom upgraded all internal computer design and manufacturing, and expanded tickets and ticket products. Through the development of warehousing and ful- fillment programs, as well as enlarging the sales department and adding partner companies, he increased revenues an company stability. President Roy L. Carter will be taking on the role of

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer as of June 1, 2010. Mr.Carter has served as president ofTheToledoTicketCom- pany since the early 1980’s. Mr. Carter says “Our customers will be able to count on

Tomto take an evenmore active role in running the company. With him in the driver’s seat we hope to bring our clients the newest industry products and trends. He has been instrumen- tal in introducing new ticket concepts to our existing hangtag technology, such as RFID, by partneringwithTransCore™ RFID technology pioneer.”


McCarran, MasterCard Bring Contactless Payments

to Airport Parking McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas now

accepts MasterCard PayPass contactless payments in its major parking lots. This will allow travelers to simply tap their PayPass cards or devices at exit lanes, rather than fumble for cash, to pay for their parking. The systemis designed to help reduce airport congestion

by streamlining parking payments, thereby improving the air- port experience for travelers. MasterCard PayPass will be accepted in 64 locations,

including 31 pay stations and 33 entry/exit lanes at the air- port’s fourmain parking lots.The specially equipped PayPass readers will continue to accept traditional magnetic-stripe payment cards andwillworkwith all payment card providers. “Consumer preference for convenient electronic pay-

ment methods continues to grow, and with ‘Tap & Go’ pay- ments, travelers [at McCarran] have a quick and easy alter- native to cash when paying for parking,” said Cathleen Conforti, Senior Vice President, Global PayPass, Master- CardWorldwide.


AIMS Parking Management Solutions

niversity, Municipal, Hospital, Airport and Private Parking

Professionals throughout North America manage their parking operation with AIMS.

AIMS Ticket Management streamlines parking enforce- ment through automated billings, payments, voids, appeals, letter generation, and reporting.

Choose from one of our AIMS Ticketer Ensembles for on-street ticket issuance and electronic tire chalking with automated ticket upload to AIMS or your in-house parking management software.

AIMS Permit Management simplifies permit issuance, payments, and invoicing. AIMS maintains lot and permit inventories, multiple waiting lists, generates custom correspondence, and provides detailed reports.

AIMS Web+ is your complete solution for online permit registration, ticket appeals and payments with complete parking account review. Our e-commerce solution is designed to enhance your customer service while reducing office traffic.

AIMS is available for use with Oracle or MS SQL databases and integrates with your R/O lookup agency, DMV, collection agency, gate arm software, SCT Banner, PeopleSoft, custom finance packages, print shops, and cashiering software.

Customer Service and User-Friendly products drive University – Municipal – Hospital – Airport – Private Operators to AIMS.

Visit for more information.

Contact us at or 800.886.6316 to book a product tour.


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