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copter and is proving its abilities in the law enforcement and fire- fighting roles in many countries. Over 190 AW119 helicopters have been ordered to date in nearly 30 countries by almost 90 customers. The AW119Ke is ideally suited to perform a wide range of tasks including utility, fire-fighting, EMS, VIP/corpo- rate transport, offshore trans- port, law enforcement and mili- tary duties. Orders for over 130

AgustaWestland helicopters of various types have been placed by customers in Brazil so far for a wide range of roles including VIP/corporate transport, off- shore transport, EMS and law enforcement. ◆

The Asahi Shimbun Takes Delivery Of A GrandNew Helicopter AgustaWestland, a

Brazilian State Of Goiás Orders Three AW119Ke Helicopters

AgustaWestland, a

Finmeccanica Company, is pleased to announce that the State of Goiás, in central Brazil, has ordered three AW119Ke single engine heli- copters for law enforcement, fire-fighting and transport missions. The contract is worth 11 million dollars and also includes training for both air- crew and maintainers, with all three aircraft scheduled for delivery in December 2010.


Synergy Aerospace, a division of Synergy Group, signed a multi-year contract and distri- bution agreement in July 2006 for AgustaWestland commercial helicopters in Brazil and this sale by Synergy marks the entry of the AW119 into the Brazilian law enforcement mark. The aircraft will be based in Goiânia, the state capital, and will be equipped with rappelling gear, wire strike protection sys- tem, a cargo hook, search light and Bambi fire fighting bucket. AgustaWestland’s Brazilian sub- sidiary, AgustaWestland Do Brasil Ltda, will provide support for the helicopters from its new


facility in San Paulo. The new facility, located approximately 30 km west of the city centre, provides a complete range of support services including maintenance, logistics, spares, repair and overhaul and cus- tomization for the AW119, all variants of the AW109, Grand, GraNew and AW139. The 8-seat AW119Ke is the top-of-the-range helicopter in the single engine market and has excellent performance even in extremely hot and high oper- ating environments. The heli- copter, with a MGW of 3,150 kg (6,945 lb) with external loads, is a highly effective utility heli-

Finmeccanica company, and Kaigai Aviotech Corporation are pleased to announce that Japan's leading newspaper ‘The Asahi Shimbun' has taken delivery of a GrandNew light twin engine helicopter. This helicopter will be used to perform news gather- ing and aerial photography mis- sions. The aircraft is the first GrandNew helicopter to be sold in Japan and is the first of its type to be used for Electronic News Gathering.

The GrandNew was chosen by the customer for its class leading performance modern technolo- gy, safety and reliability. The Asahi Shimbun’s GrandNew is configured with six forward fac- ing seats allowing for cameras to be more easily used through the

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