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Aero Dynamix

Aero Dynamix, Inc. is the industry leader in Night Vision Solutions specializing in Night Vision Goggle (NVG) cockpit modifications and Edge Lit Panel (ELP) manufacturing for various rotor and fixed wing air- craft. With their FAA 145 Repair Station Number C73R723N and EASA Certificate Number

EASA.145.6260, Aero Dynamix currently has 24 NVG STC’s covering 36 different aircraft models. Aero Dynamix also has the first two ever issued EASA NVG STC validations and is currently working on their third. Aero Dynamix is an approved L-3 Goggle

Distributor and an L-3 and ITT Certification/Repair Center. Aero Dynamix is an Authorized Honeywell, Garmin, Shadin, Mid-Continent, Aspen, Chelton and Whelen dealer/repair and mod center.

Aero Dynamix offers many key benefits for the customer with FAA Approved Modification Procedures, STC approvals for full aircraft modifications and fully STC’d kits for installation at Airframe Manufacturers, Modification Centers and the Customer’s own support facili- ties. Aero Dynamix has FAA Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) as well as the expertise in State Department Licensing under ITAR regulations. All modifications are functionally tested and FAA 8130-3 certifi- cates are issued and Aero Dynamix has an FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER) on staff. Aero Dynamix is proud to be a flexible organi- zation with extensive in-house capabilities to provide NVG compatible lighting solutions for difficult problems to the avia- tion industry. In addition to their in-house capabilities, Aero Dynamix has teamed up with Longhorn Helicopters to pro- vide customers with Night Vision Flight Training and Tiger Performance to provide a wide array of multiple helmet options and accessories. Let Aero Dynamix be your one-stop-shop for Night Vision Systems. ◆


Houston Police Department Air Support Division Celebrates 40 Years

MD Helicopters, Inc joins with the Wichita,KS Police Department Air Section in cel- ebrating its 40th anniversary. The WPD Air Section is one of the original 13 charter mem- bers of "Operation Sky Knight," the first formal police helicopter patrol program in the United States. The program was initially launched as a pilot program by the Los Angeles, CA Sheriff's Department. The Air Section owns and operates an MD 500E and is budgeted to fly up to 1,000 hours annually. The unit's full- time staff is comprised of Lt. Paul J. Shields (Supervisor/Pilot); Officer Peter D. Dolieslager (Pilot); Officer Bradley E. Carver (Tactical Flight Officer); and David L. Frye (Director of Maintenance). Since its incep- tion, the unit has logged over 50,000 flight hours. The Air Section’s motto is

“A Proud Tradition of Providing Airborne Public Service since 1970. ” They became operational in January of that year flying Hughes/

Schweizer Model 300B/C pis- ton powered helicopters for 33 years until upgrading to the current MD 500E. As a three-time “All American City” winner, Wichita offers its residents and visitors a quality of life that is clean, safe, and growing. It serves as the financial, transportation, and distribution center of the cen- tral Kansas region. From the earliest days of the aircraft industry, Wichita has been a leading producer of general avi- ation, commercial, and military aircraft and is universally recog- nized as “The Air Capital of the World.” The Wichita Police Department's personnel strength includes a compliment of over 800 commissioned offi- cers and non-commissioned, civilian employees. The Air Section is dedicated to support- ing officers assigned to the field at the operational level and plays a vital role in the Department's “Safe and Secure Community” Public Safety Initiative. ◆

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