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FEATURE Meeting healthier demands O 1­ 6

ne way bakers can meet consumer demand for low fat, low calorie or weight management

products is by using inulin, a neutral-tasting soluble dietary fibre extracted from chicory roots which can be used to add fibre and as a substitute for sugar and fat. A natural, clean label product,

inulin is suitable for all grain products and can, for example, enable bakers to make white bread with the same dietary fibre content as brown bread. Dutch company Sensus produces Frutafit, a range of powdered inulin products and Fructalose, partially hydrolysed inulin oligofructose, available as a syrup. “Spain and France are the two

countries that launched the most bakery products with inulin or oligofructose since July 2007 (source: Mintel GNPD). In both countries inulin is often used in

sweet baked goods like cakes and biscuits,” said Sensus Sales and Marketing Communications Specialist Kim van der Vorst. Puratos has two new products

launched in the latter part of 2009 to help bakers tap into the demand for healthier baked products. Puraslim, a combination of

enzymes, flavour and emulsifier technology to give a functional paste, can improve the nutritional value of baked goods by lowering the level of saturated and total fat while mimicking the

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functions of traditional fat, such as softness, short bite, shelf life and taste. In cakes and muffins Puraslim can reduce total fat up to 40 per cent and up to 70 per cent in rich breads. Puratos Sapore Softgrain is a

ready-to-use solution to meet consumer demand for wholegrain products. Based on the German practise of soaking and boiling grains called Bruhstuck, Sapore Softgrain is available in wheat, rye or spelt. The whole grain kernels are soaked and cooked in a mild sourdough and can be added straight to the dough. During baking the water in the

Sapore Softgrains is gradually released in the crumb which results, says the company, in prolonging the freshness and inhibiting crumbliness. Anticipating European Union-

wide approval next year of the zero-calorie sweetener stevia, German company Wild Flavors has invested in stevia

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