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SHE'S ALL WET, owned by Clayton Walker and 51, Billy Bob Faulkingham, racing in Diesel Class M at Rockland.

BOOTHBAY – Well, the much anticipated start of the Maine lobster boat racing season has come with the running of the Boothbay and Rockland races. The weather was incred- ible, the number of entrants was up over last year, there were several new boats, others with new engines, but bottom-line it was a perfect weekend for racing.

I arrived in Boothbay just after 1700 hrs and headed over to Brown’s Wharf where there were a number of racers tied up for the night. Of course the show was already under- way headed by Steve Johnson of Long Is- land. He was just getting back in from a brief sea trial on his 28-foot 2 WILD, which has two 454 Chevrolet engines hooked front to back. There was certainly a problem, for the star- board stack for one of the engines was spit- ting water. This meant that there was a crack in the engine. Well, later that evening they were out trying her and the problem got worse and the engine died. So, Saturday morning he headed to Long Island and returned with the Car-Boat.

Also on the dock was the John’s Bay Boat Co. built PHYLLIS P. from Chatham, Massachusetts. I asked him if he was inter- ested in running in the races. One could tell he had reservations, but I told him that it really was an investment. You pay $20 to enter and you will get more than that back in prizes. His crew tried to help, but he was not going to commit.

Sign up was held at Brown’s Wharf and

when it was over we had 45 boats registered, six more than last year. This year the sun was alone in the sky and the temperatures were already into the 70s.

The first three races of the day are for Boothbay boats over 24 feet in length. There were no entrants in the gasoline class, but four boats were entered in the diesel class up to 499-hp. First over the line was SLOW HAND owned by Marcus Curtis with a speed of 23.9 mph. He was followed over by Marshall Farnham’s new boat GOVERNOR, Fred Farnham’s SHELLENE TOO and Nicho- las Hawke’s OPTICAL ILLUSION. In the diesel class, 500-hp and over, no one could best David Taylor’s MISTY, followed by Andrew Page’s SEA STAR.

This year the Work Boat Classes changed slightly so that there are now only three races. The notable entry was Colyn Rich’s FULL THROTTLE in Class B. Rich, who is the youngest racer out on the course, and is the son of Wayne Rich, RICH RE- TURNS and grandson of Walter Rich, FROSTY PUNKIN.

There were just six boats in the Gasoline classes. For the last few years we have been waiting for someone to step up and try and beat the dominating boat in Gasoline Class A, but again there were no takers, as CRY BABY, D & L Boatworks was the only entrant. In Class D it was just FOOLISH PLEASURE, Galen Alley of Beals Island,with her new alcohol engine and the question was whether

he would try and break the record, but he only topped out at 55 mph on the run. Then came the diesel classes In Class C. David Grant’s VENOM made her first appear- ance since the 2008 season and easily won. Another person that we have not seen re- cently was Sid Eaton and his KIMBERLEY BELLE. She came out and easily won her class. For the last two seasons Class F has been dominated by Bill Grant’s DOUBLE G., however there has been pressure from Ed Turosian’s MS. ROSE. This year it was MS. ROSE grabbing first, followed over by Aaron Smith’s WHY KNOT and then DOUBLE G. Another great battle has always been be- tween Gary Genthner’s LISA MARIE and Todd Ritchie’s SEACOCK, which was a tight race all the way up the course, but at the finish it was LISA MARIE by half a boat length. In the Wooden Boat Race three boats came to the line and PHYLLIS P. was prodded once again, but opted to remain a spectator. ABIGAIL & CARTER topped the field fol- lowed by Vance Bunker’s SARI ANN. In the Gasoline Free-for-All it was FOOL- ISH PLEASURE topping out at 48.2 mph for an easy win.

In the Diesel Free-for-All was a great match up between MOTIVATION and WHISTLIN DIXIE, which was dominated last year by WHISTLIN DIXIE. This time MOTI- VATION won by just a boat length with KIMBERLEY BELLE right behind them. In the Fastest Lobster Boat Race just

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MOTIVATION and WHISTLIN DIXIE came to the line with the same result.

ROCKLAND – In early June the Maine Lob- ster Boat Racing Association signed a multi- year deal with Aura 360 to develop, produce and distribute a television series based on the annual Maine Lobster Boat Races. Aura360 had planned to film later in the season, but called to find out if they could film the Rockland races, which was quickly ar- ranged.

As the sign-ups came in, it was easy to see that the turn out was going to be very good. Last year the weather kept a lot of racers home and just 39 boats competed in the event. This year there were 71 boats signed up.

In the Work Boat Classes there were nine entrants. Classes A and B were combined and in Class A Gavin Holland’s BABY BARON continued his winning way. In Class B it was NOT MUCH, now owned by Josh Harjula. There were five boats entered in the Gasoline Classes. Class A and B. were com- bined with CRY BABY the only entrant in Class A, easily winning over the Class B boats. Class B went to FROSTY PUNKIN. Classes C and D were combined with just one entrant in each. Class C was SEA FLEA, David Lash, and Class D was FOOLISH PLEASURE.

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