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It is just a few weeks before the start of the Maine lobster boat racing season, which begins at Boothbay on 19 June. There are rumours circulating, as well as some changes that you should be aware of.

Galen Alley's FOOLISH PLEASURE, Gasoline Class D, and holder of the Gasoline Class speed record at 64.5 mph. RACE CHANGES

As usual, there are plenty of rumours floating around the coast regarding the up- coming races. We do know that Galen Alley has made modifications to his FOOLISH PLEASURE. He has placed hard chines from amidships back and altered the shaft angle. Preliminary reports say she is sailing a lot flatter and more stable. It was a general con- sensus that when she porpoised last year she would lose speed and that cost her adding to the speed record at Stonington and Pemaquid. Presently she is powered with Ellery Alley’s original engine that he had in the UNDERDOG and was going really well. This engine is a 496 and Galen was expected to run this power plant the first two races of the season. However, it was known that this engine had been removed the middle of May and the rumour was it was being replaced with the alcohol powered engine.

Another rumour that was circulating about was that after the heated discussion between Galen and Bruce Engert, owner of THUNDERBOLT, at the Forum in March a challenge had been issued. THUNDERBOLT has been making some trial runs and it is said she is going better than last year, but have they made enough changes to close the 10 to 15 mph gap between them and Galen?

Another Gasoline Class D racer, UN- DERDOG has put in smaller engine, which he plans to run at his first race in Rockland. Ellery has also obtained a 540 cubic inch engine built by Richard Weaver that was going to go into the Young Brother’s SOPWITH CAMEL in the late 1980s. This never happened and it just sat in the Young Brothers boat shop until this spring when it was offered to Ernest Libby Jr., who in-turn gave it to Ellery to put in the UNDERDOG. By today’s standard this engine had some parts that were old technol- ogy so Ellery and his sons have made changes. They changed the heads, camshaft to match the heads, and intake. Ellery said that she may not be as stout as she once was and he did this so she could run on pumped fuel incase he wanted to sell it after the racing season. He thinks she is pushing about 600 horsepower.

Another unconfirmed rumour is that Wesley Shute has gone to an engine builder for a new power plant for DAYDREAMER. Alfred Osgood of Vinalhaven had an- other diesel engine sent to Pennsylvania to be tuned up for racing this year. Presently she holds the diesel speed record at 55.2 mph and we hope she will come out a better that. Oh yes, what is Steve Johnson of Long Island up to. He will have a long way to go to beat the notoriety he got last year with the car-boat. There is the rumour of the Oscar Meyer weiner. We do know what ever he decides to bring it will be interesting!


Our first race of the year, Boothbay, has made changes to where racers will sign up and where the awards will be handed out. Sign up will be at the entrance to the dining room at Browns Wharf between 0800 and 0900. Also the dining room will be open to the racers and the public for breakfast. The awards will be handed out at Knot Grey’s Wharf, and dockage is available. Race orga- nizers have also hired a live band, Elmor Twist from the Portland area, who plays classic rock and are said to be very good. They will play before the awards are handed out and after. Rockland does not have any major changes, but remember on Saturday night Rockland celebrates the Summer Solstice which is a major party.

There are no changes at Moosebec Reach (Jonesport), Searsport, or Stonington. Friendship will be raced on 24 July and will not be held in conjunction with Friend- ship Days as in the past. It is hoped that additional people, who normally would be involved in the running of events up on Main Street, will now be able to partake in the races. It is also hoped that this means a few more local boats will compete in the event. Harpswell has also made a major change. This year they are opting to leave the con- fines of Pott’s Harbor off Dolphin Marina and set up a race course off of the fuel docks. This will afford better viewing from land, which they also hope means more spectators for the

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There are no changes scheduled for Winter Harbor or the Merritt Brackett races at Pemaquid.

It is well known that lobster boat racing will return for the first time in more than 20 years to Portland Harbor. This race will be held in conjunction with the MS Society’s Harbor Fest on Sunday 22 August. The day will begin with sign up at the dock at Portland Yacht Service. The plan is to race around the tug muster and then have the awards cer- emony back at Portland Yacht Service. Now this event is a fundraiser and it has been suggested that prizes will be offered, but that the racers and members of the MLBRA will bid on them. The funds raised would then go to the MS Society.

The only other change will be the Awards Banquet, which will be held on 16 October. Remember this is not only important for the awards handed out, but also it is the annual meeting of the Maine Lobster Boat Racing Association. During this meeting changes to the rules occur for the next year. Another noteworthy bit of news is that MLBRA has signed a contract with a film company of Portland that is interested in producing a television show on Maine lob- ster boat racing. This group is going to film this summer and make a trailer that can be used to promote the show with television executives.

All in all this should be one great season!

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