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light switch plates, or stalls wired for internet connection. The possibilities are endless. A natural for the internet connection is to use the system for foal or colic watch. It also makes possible video conferencing with a veterinary hospital. If you are out of town or can’t make it to the barn, a webcam in your horse’s stall allows you to remotely check up on him. Some facilities have put webcams in the barn aisles to check that all is well. Today the webcams have become quite small and less costly than at one time. Have you wondered about the safety of the spray

The Hydrohorse underwater treadmill

Megan van Coutren. “He came twice a week for eight weeks and did interval training on the treadmill. At Rolex vets who knew the horse commented that his recovery rates were the best they’d seen on him.”

n EXERCISER: The classic hot walker has become safer and more natural when reintroduced as an exerciser. Used for conditioning, rehabilitating, warm up and cool down, this machine has the same arms as the hot walker, but panels of various materials hang from the arms to create a barrier in front and back of the horse. Solid wood panel fencing on the inside and outside form the track on which the horse travels. Because of the enclosure, the horse does not have to be tied to the hot walker arms and pulled along. Instead he works without constraint. He moves in a freer, more natural way, avoiding back or hock stress.

that hits you when you walk into a fly free barn? Many systems now use pyrethrum, an insecticide approved for use on organic farms in Europe, the U.S., and Australia and accepted by the Food and Drug Administration and U.S. Department of Agriculture for use in human food processing plants. Pyrethrum is an oil produced by a species of the chrysanthemum plant family to protect itself from insects. It is low in acute toxicity to man and other vertebrate animals, is non- carcinogenic, causes no adverse reproductive affects, and is non-mutagenic. The natural pyrethrum solution used in most spray systems has been diluted many times from that used in safety studies. If chemicals are out of the question, then the most

natural way to keep the fly population down is using Spalding’s Fly Predators. Monthly they mail you a package of tiny insects that will eat and destroy the next generation of flies in their immature pupa (cocoon) stage. The predators are biteless and stingless to you and your animals. It’s affordable and simple to spread out near and around the manure areas. It takes a few cycles, but most people have very positive results. Plants to the rescue at the

Trojan 6 Horse Freeflow exerciser

“I try to lead the horses from the inner fence the first time they are in it, so they get the idea that something is behind them moving them forward,” says Megan. “Ours can hold six horses. With a horse ahead of them, they stay pretty focused.”


The devil is in the details and that is true about horse facilities where attention to that detail makes a difference in successful living. Look at the value of explosion-proof

wash rack. EQ Solutions makes a body wash from surfactants or plant seed esters, the name given to common fats and oils. These raw materials are treated to produce cleansers that are mild and effective. How do surfactants work? A surfactant has both a hydrophobic (water hating) quality and a hydrophilic (water loving) quality, making it possible to be soluble in water (hydrophilic) and also soluble in fats and oils (hydrophobic). So when dissolved in water it will also attract fats and oils to form an emulsion that can be washed away. Thus, a good surfactant will emulsify and dissolve dirt and grime and yet be removed by rinsing. A wall unit mounted in your wash rack gives you controls to active water flow, to dilute and dispense the biodegradable washing foam and to rinse. WT

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