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an has enjoyed powered flight for around a

century, which is a source of awe and wonder for me every time I fly. Yet I write this stranded in Canada, following the Icelandic volcano eruption, a colossal force whose impact has left world governments in a whirlwind of indecision, leaving thousands without

clear information and unable to get home. In the UK we’ve developed a music education system which is acknowledged as world-class and has enabled millions of children to ‘take off’, musically and developmentally. But as the new UK administration begins to settle in, it too must make difficult decisions on how to respond to a different external force, which this time is economic rather than pyroclastic. The economic volcano has already erupted and, as one, the music education community must act promptly to ensure that we don’t endure the kind of shutdown that plagued European air space in April, with the new administration making savage cuts. Yet I can’t think of a single politician who would want

to go down in history as the person who dismantled a major part of British music education. So our collective job – and the key music education bodies are poised to do this – is to inform decision makers, both locally and nationally, to ensure that future generations continue to derive the far-reaching benefits that music education can provide.

It requires individual organisations quickly to set aside any differences they may have in the detail of their own policies and focus on a common, shared big vision. I believe we have the leadership to do this.

Bill C Martin, Music education manager, Yamaha Music Europe GmbH UK

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Cover: Guitarist Alex Munk, a 2009 Yamaha Parliamentary Jazz winner.

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