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THE MICHIGAN CHRONICLE March 3-9, 2010 Page A-4
IRS has $40 million for Michiganians
who have not filed a 2006 tax return
Unclaimed refunds total-
any amounts still owed to the more information, visit the
ing more than $40 million are
IRS and may be used to satisfy EITC Home Page.
awaiting nearly 42,800 people
unpaid child support or past
in Michigan who did not file a
due federal debts such as stu-
Current and prior year tax
federal income tax return for
dent loans.
forms and instructions are
2006, the Internal Revenue
available on the Forms and
Service announced. However,
By failing to file a return, Publications page of
to collect the money, a return
people stand to lose more than or by calling toll-free 1-800-
for 2006 must be filed with the
refunds of taxes withheld or TAX-FORM (1-800-829-3676).
IRS no later than Thursday,
paid during 2006. Taxpayers who are missing
April 15, 2010. Nationwide the In addition, many low-and-
Forms W-2, 1098, 1099 or
total is approximately $1.3 bil- moderate income workers may
5498 for 2006, 2007 or 2008
lion awaiting nearly 1.4 mil- not have claimed the Earned
should request copies from
lion people. Income Tax Credit (EITC).
their employer, bank or other
The IRS estimates that the
The EITC helps individuals
payer. If these efforts are un-
median unclaimed refund for
and families whose incomes
successful, taxpayers can get
tax-year 2006 is $618.
are below certain thresholds,
a free transcript showing in-
which in 2006 were $38,348
formation from these year-end
Some people may not have
for those with two or more
documents by calling 1-800-
filed because they had too
children, $34,001 for people
829-1040, or by filing Form
little income to require filing
with one child and $14,120
4506-T, Request for Transcript
a tax return even though they
for those with no children. For
of Tax Return, with the IRS.
Rev. Andre Spivey —
had taxes withheld from their
Andre Smith photo
wages or made quarterly es-
timated payments. In cases
Spivey From page A-1
where a return was not filed, Pints, pubs and policies:
the law provides most taxpay-
ers with a three-year window
“I’ve said that alcohol is not fight, but I’m not really inter- the Dave Bing administration
lessons from afar
of opportunity for claiming a
illegal. Drugs are illegal,” he ested in being a part of that is getting adjusted as well.
refund. If no return is filed to
said referring to drug houses fight. We have some issues The amount of time it takes
By Rep. Bert Johnson ganders from profit-hungry
claim the refund within three
retailers across the country
that have been the hallmark that we need to deal with other for a business to get a permit,
years, the money becomes You probably rang in the
with little to no regulation,
of some neighborhoods where than strip club establish- that has to stop, the amount
property of the U.S. Treasury. new year with family and
I voted with legislators from
some of the city’s churches ments.” of time it takes to get a house
are located.
For 2006 returns, the
friends. Hopefully for most of
both parties to shut it down.
Are strip clubs a stumbling
torn down, police response
window closes on April 15,
us in Michigan, our celebra-
When unregulated alcohol
Spivey agrees with those block to Detroit moving for-
time, that has to stop.”
2010. The law requires that
tions were safer than what our
crosses state lines, there is
who make the argument that ward? He is confident the coun-
the return be properly ad-
friends in the United Kingdom
no way to ensure it is bought
those in the religious commu-
“No. I don’t think so,” Spivey
cil has a handle on things be-
dressed, mailed and post-
experienced. When it comes
and received legally, that the
nity who are so full of angst
said. “But I think it was good
cause “the tone is different”
marked by that date. There
to alcohol, the news from the
recipient is of legal drinking
about strip clubs should use
that we dealt with it now be-
and staff members are getting
is no penalty for filing a late
U.K. is downright frightening.
age, or that the products are
the same energy to tackle drug
cause we have more pressing
more prepared before legisla-
return qualifying for a refund. For policymakers in the
safe. These are all risks too
houses in the community, in-
issues to deal with. Perhaps
tive sessions to brief members
Though back-year tax returns United States, the U.K.’s al-
big to take.
cluding using “our congrega-
the biggest one is our deficit.
on the issues to be tabled.
cannot be filed electronically, cohol problems are a sober-
Alcohol is different from
tion, block clubs and commu-
Crime, education, blight in our Spivey is currently heading taxpayers can still speed up
ing reminder of what happens
other consumer products.
nity groups.”
neighborhoods are issues that the Detroit Census Task Force their refunds by choosing to
when alcohol is deregulated.
When used responsibly and
“I saw some very passion- affect the entire city, not just that is helping to mount the
have them deposited directly As chair of Michigan’s House
in moderation, it can be an
ate people last week (during a certain segment that may campaign to reach residents
into a checking or savings ac- Regulatory Reform Committee,
acceptable component of our
the strip club hearing). And I disagree having those sexual- in the April 2010 Census. He
count. I understand the importance
social scene. However, if con-
appreciate them coming down ly oriented businesses in the calls such an assignment a
The IRS reminds taxpayers
of regulating alcohol – and the
sumed in excess or by minors,
but I hope that same passion city.” big-ticket item that should
seeking a 2006 refund that
catastrophes that can result
it can be a deadly and destruc-
doesn’t wane when other
Does this send the wrong
have all hands on deck.
their checks will be held if
without effective regulation.
tive substance. That’s why
issues come up,” Spivey said.
message to the business com- “I would have thought that they have not filed tax returns
When Michigan was sued
strong regulation is vital to
“We know (drugs) are illegal
munity, including small and late 2009 we would have been for 2007 or 2008. In addition,
recently to open up direct
control its distribution, sales
and we see the damaging ef-
large businesses? moving forward, letting people the refund will be applied to
shipment of alcohol to Michi-
and consumption.
fects of what happens to a
know, especially if we are in
person who takes drugs and
“I would hope not,” Spivey
an area that’s very important
we’ve seen what it does to
and that people may not get
our city. It damages neighbor-
Wheels of Government
out and hear the message,” Bishop Marvin Pryor dies
hoods, takes lives away and it
Turn Slowly
Spivey said. “We are trying
stops people from wanting to
to send the message out that
Bishop Marvin Pryor was terson, and a member for
move into the city.”
Notwithstanding the strip
club fight, Spivey said he’s
our congressional seats are
the Jurisdictional Prelate of the Presiding Bishop’s 2000
Drug-ridden houses in the
gotten down to business and
at stake, billions of dollars
the ThirdEcclesiastical Juris- and Beyond Church Growth
community present a chal-
has discovered since being on
for infrastructure, Head Start,
diction of Southwest Michigan, “Dream Team” under former
lenge to law enforcement.
council that red tape and bu-
senior programs are at stake
Pastor of Victorious Believ- Presiding Bishop Chandler D.
ers Ministries Church of God Owens.
“And it’s more work for our
reaucracy is in the way of de-
in Christ in Saginaw, Michi-
police to do. I would rather our
livering services to residents
He said he and council
gan, and Parliamentarian of
Most recently, Bishop Pryor
police department look at all
in the city.
member James Tate, co-chair
our Council. He was a former
was appointed to the National
businesses…but use their lim-
“I’ve learned the wheels of
of the Detroit Census Task
educator and school adminis-
Publishing Board by Presid-
ited resources on areas that
government turn very slow.
Force are urging community
trator whose academic experi-
ing Bishop Charles Blake, and
really affect the public safety
We have little initials on our
groups as well as taping public
ence and training made him a
was serving on the Curriculum
of our city,” Spivey said.
agendas. We put the initial
service announcements for
valuable asset to the Church
the census.
A graduate of the storied
BB (Bring Back),” Spivey of God in Christ. The local homegoing cel-
Morehouse College, the alma
said. “There are lots of layers
The 2010 Gubernatorial
ebration service will be on
Bishop Pryor was previ-
mater of Dr. Martin Luther
of government that I didn’t
Sunday, Feb. 28, 6 p.m. All ser-
ously the National Director
King Jr., Spivey, who received
know when I was on the cam- vices will be held at Victorious
Detroit, as always, will be of Church Growth and Devel-
his ministerial training from
paign trail. I’m enjoying my Believers Ministries Church
a hotbed for any of the can- opment, appointed by former
Colgate Rochester Divinity
time here. I think people put
didates seeking to be gover- Presiding Bishop G.E. Pat- Bishop Marvin Pryor
Of God In Christ, 624 S. Outer
School in New York, said he is
us here to try to move things Dr., Saginaw.
nor this year. Though the city
poised to make a difference in
along where we can fit in.”
votes 90 percent Democrat, it
Detroit the next four years. As a member of the Budget
is still in play for Republican
“On the campaign trail I
and Finance Committee, Spivey
candidates who want African-
Deadline is Fast Approaching for
made it known that I would
said he now gets to see the lax
American voters not to see
support all the (strip club) or-
accounting process and other
them through the diatribes of Detroit Branch NAACP Art & Essay Contest
dinances except for the alco-
unacceptable practices that
the Rush Limbaughs and Glen
DETROIT – The deadline for $200 savings bond. All Art & Essay entries must
hol portion. It was written and
have for years strangled the
Becks of the world.
submissions for the Detroit be submitted via the partici-
verbalized,” he said.
overall delivery of services.
“I would hope that we as a
Branch NAACP 20th Annual
The Art & Essay Contest
pants school with an entry
It turns out the alcohol ban
“I’m shocked by some of
nine-member council would
Art & Essay Contest is March
is celebrating its 20th year
was the teeth of the ordinance
the practices that are still
set of agenda for whatever
12, 2010. The contest, co-
and is headed by Mary Black-
form. All interested schools
that some sections of the re-
taking place that should have
candidate we decide individu-
sponsored by Coca-Cola and
mon, Detroit Branch NAACP
and/or teachers may request
ligious community, headed
been changed a long time ago.
ally or collectively to support,”
Detroit Public Schools, is open
Art & Essay Committee chair.
an application packet by call-
by Pastor Marvin Winans was
We’ve had some audits from
Spivey said. “If history repeats
to young people in grades K-12
The contest is just one of
ing the Detroit Branch NAACP
pushing for.
different departments,” Spivey
itself, we probably would not all
in public and private schools
several youth initiatives con-
at (313) 871-2087.
said. “How we process income
support the same gubernato-
“If we take the alcohol out
in Detroit, Highland Park,
nected to the Detroit Branch
tax returns, practices in the fi-
rial candidates. But I think we
the age for young women who
Hamtramck, Ecorse, Inkster,
NAACP’s Annual Fight For
nance department, the People
ought to have the same agenda
Freedom Fund Dinner. The
could come and perform, work
Oak Park, Romulus, River
Mover audit report, police de-
we present to each candidate.
or even patronize the place will
Rouge and Southfield.
55th Annual Fight For Free-
From page A-1
partment, 36th District Court.
Whoever is elected governor
dom Fund Dinner will be
drop down from 21 to 18,” he
I’m just shocked at how we’ve
or secretary of state is very im-
Students must submit held on Sunday, May 2, 2010,
Honigman Miller Schwartz and
explained. “With that alcohol
let certain things perpetuate
portant to Detroit and to the
either an art piece or an essay 5 p.m., at Cobo Conference
Cohn LLP; Strategic Staffing
police could come in and regu-
themselves and done nothing
Detroit Public Schools.”
that explains, “What the Civil Center. This year the 55th
Solutions; National City, now
late anytime they wanted.”
about it.”
Rights Struggle Means to Me.” Annual Fight For Freedom
a part of PNC; UHY Advisors;
In balancing faith and poli-
But who in the religious
The contest is designed to Fund Dinner is chaired by:
Blue Cross Blue Shield of
The city of Detroit, he said,
tics, Spivey, said his young
community are against the
be a school-wide competition
Michigan; and St. John Health
is a $1.6 billion business and
family is key. He wants to at-
strip clubs? Aside from Rev.
with teachers submitting the
• 2010 Detroit Branch NAACP
System. Corporate contribu-
“we have to act like it. A lot
tract other young families to
Winans, no other prominent
top five entries for each level
Fight For Freedom Fund
tors are Bank of America; MGM
of things that are happening
enjoy what the city offers de-
minister has gone on the
(elementary, middle and high
Dinner general chair:
Grand Detroit; Compuware;
have to stop. We may not be
spite tough times, just as he
record as opposing these busi-
school) of both art and essay
Conrad Mallett Jr., presi-
Fifth Third Bank; Wayne State
a popular council in the next
and his wife, Shema, and their
dent, Sinai-Grace Hospital
University; Quicken Loans;
four years because we may do
two young children Andre II
• 2010 Detroit Branch
and Detroit Rescue Mission
Spivey, who voted only
things that may not be popu-
The first place winners of
NAACP Fight For Freedom
Ministries. Media partners for
for the ordinance to ban VIP
lar in public opinion, but I feel
and Kendall, are.
the Art & Essay Contest re-
Fund Dinner general co-chair:
the event are WWJ-TV, WWJ
rooms and lap dances, but re-
better at the end of the day Watch senior editor
ceive a $750 savings bond, a
Karen Love, vice president
Newsradio 950 and Crain’s De-
fused to give in to what would
if I’ve done something that Bankole Thompson’s show,
ticket for two to the Detroit
Public Relations, Detroit
troit Business.
have been the death knell for
moves this city forward.” “Center Stage,” on WADL TV
Branch NAACP’s Annual Fight
strip clubs (the ban of alco-
Time Management Key on
38, Saturdays at 1 p.m. This
For Freedom Fund Dinner and
Rescue Mission Ministries;
Individual tickets to Pan-
hol), said in conversations
Saturday’s program, March 6,
a feature in the Detroit Branch
cakes & Politics can be pur-
with some in the religious
is the first debate between the
NAACP’s Fight For Freedom • 2010 Detroit Branch NAACP
chased for $65 each. Event
community, not everyone feels
With the growing demands
two Democratic contenders for
Fund Dinner Souvenir Jour- Fight For Freedom Fund
and table sponsorships are
the same way as Winans.
of what the electorate needs,
Michigan Secretary of State,
nal. Second place winners re- Dinner general co-chair
also available. Visit www.mi-
Spivey said time management
Janice Winfrey, Detroit City
ceive a $300 savings bond and Paul Bridgewater, presi- or call (313)
Some clergy members, he
is very crucial for him to deliv-
Clerk, and Jocelyn Benson,
third place winners receive a dent and CEO, Detroit Area
963-8100 to purchase tickets
said, had this to say:
er on his electoral promises.
Wayne State University law
Agency on Aging.
or for more information.
“I appreciate what Pastor
“As we are getting adjusted,
professor. E-mail bthomp-
Winans is doing. That’s his
From page A-1
countant executive. She was pointed as senior vice presi- formal Network (WIN) as one
recognized as salesperson of dent events and promotions of the 2010 Most Influential
the year each year. In 1988, for Globalhue of Southfield. African American Women in
she began a six-year account In this position she managed
Metropolitan Detroit.
executive position with WJLB national multicultural events
She had a vibrant person-
Booth Broadcasting, and again and promotions. After four
ality and was blessed to have
she was named sales person of successful years with Glob-
family and friendships that
the year for three consecutive alhue, she joined WVMV CBS
were loving, caring and genu-
years. She was fondly referred Radio of Farmington Hills, as
ine. She enjoyed life and loved
to as Dawn “Superstar” Spen- sales and special events man- to read, dance, golf, cook, en-
cer. Her accomplishments in ager, where she continued to tertain and travel. She was a
the field continued to flourish work until her passing. proud and supportive mother.
as she assumed the position
Mrs. Spencer was the re- Mrs. Spencer is survived by
of national sales manager for
cipient of several awards, in-
her children, Roderick Spencer
WJLB/WMXD Clear Channel
cluding the Community Ser-
Jr. Dr. Brooke Spencer Trot- Democratic Secretary of State candidates’ first debate
Radio in 1995, managing 35
vice Award for Outstanding
ter; grandson, Leon Bonner;
sales representatives in ten
Leadership and Community
parents, Lon G. Brown Sr. and
Michigan Democratic Secretary of State candidates Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey (left) and
Involvement from the Urban
Lobelia D. Brown; sister, Lyn
Wayne State University law professor Jocelyn Benson (right) appear on “Center Stage with
In 2000, she again demon- League of Detroit and South-
M. Austin; brother, Lon Brown
Bankole Thompson” on WADL TV 38 (Comcast Channel 4) for their first debate to win the
strated her ability to challenge eastern Michigan in 2009. She
Jr.; and many others. Democratic Primary. The debate will air March 6 at 1 p.m. Tune in to see which of these two
herself and contribute to the will be honored posthumously Funeral arrangements were
candidates is strong enough to go against the Republican nominee to become Michigan’s next
growth of a business when ap- on March 27 by Women’s In- not available at press time.
Secretary of State.
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